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Hello beautiful! I'm Margarite, the creator and owner of this site. I'm also a licensed Cosmetologist since 2003. I specialize in women's hair loss care. I am writing this site for you with knowledge and love! ❤ 

GirlsHairTalk .com continues to help women's hair loss thinning with over 1 million+ visitors and counting! Thank You!

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Female Women's Hair Loss Blog

  1. PCOS Hair Loss Regrowth Success For Women Tips

    Jul 15, 22 12:13 PM

    PCOS hair loss regrowth success for female women to regrow hair top tips.

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  2. Hormones And Hair Loss Natural Treatment

    Jul 13, 22 01:25 PM

    Hormones and hair loss how to stop hormonal hair loss naturally for women.

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  3. Hormone Imbalanced Quiz

    Jul 10, 22 05:05 PM

    Hormone imbalanced quiz for women to learn more of what is causing their hair loss.

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  4. Lasers For Hair Loss Regrowth

    Jul 07, 22 08:34 PM

    Lasers for hair loss regrowth for women.

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