All Natural?

by Jamie
(Tennessee )

Is it really all natural?

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Hi Jamie
by: Margarite Of

Hi Jamie, Yes my product is 100% all natural or I couldn't use it because I am allergic to false chemicals on my skin.

I cannot use skin care products on my skin, hair or scalp unless they are natural or I can break out in a rash!

This has happened many times in the past and so I promise you my hair growth product is 100% All NATURAL and I am proud of that.

This is another reason I added the instructions in the back of every bottle to "shake my product bottle" first.

Because there is no chemicals to do that for you as seen in commercial products in stores that may contain ingredients that do that and may also cause cancer.

Trust me I read the back of commercial beauty products and it absolutely makes me upset what is in the beauty products in the stores, so I make my own and this hair growth product is the only one I have for sale to the public At the moment because I want to help women with hair loss issues. Thanks for your comment. Have a great rest of your day.

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