Alopecia Wigs Step By Step Wig Care and Styles For Beginners

Step By Step Instructions 

Reasons To Consider Using A Wig During Alopecia Treatments

Alopecia wigs are more affordable than other options :

You might want to consider using an alopecia wig for a variety of reasons. Hair replacement systems such as hair transplant surgery may be difficult to afford due to the high costs from doctor procedures. Wearing an alopecia wig can be way more affordable and budget friendly, due to the different wig costs that are able to fit all price points. 

Afraid of hair transplant surgery : 

Another reason you may want to use a wig might be due to the fact that you are simply afraid or prefer not to have hair transplant surgery, plain and simple.

You may not qualify for hair transplant surgery : 

Hair transplant surgeons will give you a consultation to see whether or not you qualify for the hair transplant surgery in the first place. There is a higher chance that alopecia patients may not qualify for the hair transplant due to an unhealthy number of hair follicles supplied from your own head for the surgery but you never know until you ask. 

Another reason you may not be able to qualify for a hair transplant surgery might be because having a scalp that is too tight might be too difficult for the doctors to perform the hair transplant service. It's best to ask in a consultation if your hair transplant surgeon is capable of doing the procedure in your specific case and what kind of results to expect.  

Temporary wig reasons :

Some or most people will choose to purchase a wig while treating their alopecia hair loss. During alopecia hair loss treatments it would be ideal to wear a wig until your hair is fully restored. Once your hair is grown out to your desired length, that would be a good time to go to a salon to get your desired hair style and trim of your choice for a new you.

Step 1: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

On a dry wig, use a wide tooth comb to take out any tangles using small sections, such as 3 to 5 inch sections of hair. Start combing from the bottom of each section of hair working your way up towards the scalp or crown area. Make sure to comb gently and slowly without yanking the hair. 

If there are any fussy knots you can undo them with your hands gently. 

Step 2: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Plug up your clean sink and fill your sink half up with lukewarm water. Then before the water cools down too much simply dunk your wig into the water a few times. Then gently squeeze the excess water with your free hand allowing the water to fall into the sink. Leave the sink alone as you set aside your wig onto a fluffy dry towel. 

Then go back to your sink with the water in it and add your favorite wig shampoo to the lukewarm sink water. Make sure to swish the water around with your hand in order to create suds in your water. 

Step 3: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Grab your wig and gently dunk your wig inside the sink filled water. Please make sure to never pull the hair, never rub the hair harshly or twist the hair roughly. You do not want to stretch the wig netting or strands, because doing so will create breakage and you will need to buy a wig sooner than expected. 

Simply gently squeeze, do not twist the hair, with your hand a few times to get the suds through the hair strands. Do this a few times until you feel the suds have removed the dirt, debris and possible hair product residue from the alopecia wig. Using lukewarm water will gently open the hair cuticles of any human hair wig to help release the dirt better and easier without harming the wig from a too high heat temperature of water. 

Step 4: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Release the water by letting the sudsy water go down the drain until your sink is clear of suds. Now to rinse, run the faucet water over the wig while squeezing the wig at the same time until the water runs clear of sudsy shampoo from the wig.

For this step try to make sure to use lukewarm to cool water. If your wig is made of human hair then using cool water to rinse will help close the hair cuticles and make your alopecia wigs shiny and silky naturally.

Step 5: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Now that your alopecia wig is washed and rinsed, lay your wet wig inside of a fluffy dry towel. You can also place the towel on a table for support and pat the wig so that it's just damp and the excess water from the wig has gone into the towel.

Step 6: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

While the hair is a still little damp, this is a great time to spray a detangler onto the wig lightly and evenly. Making sure to spray all over not missing any large spots on the wig. 

Step 7: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Let the wig air dry completely over night or day depending on when you started. Please don't use heat such as using a hot blow dryer as that is most likely to cause heat damage and frizz on your wig.  

Step 8: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

Once your wig is dry, use a wide tooth comb to take out any tangles using small sections, such as 3 to 5 inch sections of hair. Start combing from the bottom of each section of hair working your way up towards the scalp or crown area. Make sure to comb gently and slowly without yanking the hair. 

If there are any fussy knots you can undo them with your hands gently. 

Step 9: How to Wash and Care For A Wig Step By Step

To store your wig safely place your wig on a mannequin head  to help keep it's shape. Apply a loose hair net over entire wig. Lastly apply a clear plastic bag securely over the entire wig as well. Using a hair net will help keep the hair style in place. Using a clear plastic bag of some sort will help to identify your wig easily and help keep it dust free when you are not using it.

Quick tip! Keep any wigs out of direct sunlight in order to avoid any color fading of your alopecia wigs.

Alopecia Wig Fundraiser Charity Ideas 

Trying to raise money can be stressful, so try to turn it around into a fun task! Here are my top 10 fun fundraising ideas to help raise money for your alopecia wig.  

Can An Alopecia Wig Be of Good Quality And Natural Looking ?

The quality of the an alopecia wig can be of great quality and look 100 % real and natural. Now days there is a wig for every budget but usually the best quality wigs are going to cost a bit more than the lower quality wigs because of materials used and how it is made. 

Types Of Wigs For Every Budget

The prices of wigs really depends on the quality and kind of hair used in the making of the wig. Please remember that not every wig will last forever. Even the very best natural looking wigs need to be replaced as need be depending on how often the wig is used. 

Machine Manufactured Wigs

The price point on these type of wigs are normally used for Halloween costume parties instead of a hair replacement system. Strands of hair are sewn into a net base singularly or in groups of hair. This type of wig may look nice and normal but if the wind blows the hair slightly the wrong way the netting underneath might be shown.    

Synthetic Wigs 

These types of wigs may be your cheapest option because you could get one for as cheap as 50.00. These type of wigs are actually the easiest to take care of because the color and shape tend to last longer than other wigs out there. 

Alopecia Wigs of Mixed Hair Materials 

These type of wigs often have both human hair and synthetic hair in order for these wigs to be 50% better quality than the synthetic only wigs.

The main downside or con for these type of wigs is that synthetic hair and human hair wigs need to be cared for in two entirely different types of ways. For instance you can use heat tools such as a curling iron on human hair wigs but not on synthetic hair wigs, making it difficult to give a mixed material wig proper care for more that one use. So because of this I definitely do not recommend any styles to choose from sorry. 

Handmade Wigs

These type of wigs are more expensive yet way more natural looking as well. The hair is sewn on individually instead of in clumps giving you a realistic, better quality, natural looking wig and style. 

Human Hair Alopecia Wigs

These type of alopecia wigs tend to be the highest quality and the most natural looking wigs out there because they are made of human hair. These type of wigs usually start at around $1,000.00 and up. 

I hope this helps you better understand the basics of wigs and wig care. Thank you

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