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Avon Campaign Brochures 

This Avon catalog comes out 26 times a year every two weeks!

Every avon book has different sales and new avon products for people of all ages. Other names for the avon catalogue are books, campaign, and brochure.

Avon comes out with multiple catalogues for you. I listed all of them below for easy access. 

You can see the latest new avon online catalogues here below... 

The New Avon Catalogue 

The main avon catalouge is the biggest one out of all of them, listed with the most products. This avon campaign has all of the products in this one brochure featuring fashion, bed and bath, skin care, makeup, fragrance, jewelry, health and wellness, avon for men, mark by avon and home decor.

This avon book is the most beloved one to get because it is the original brochure that has free perfume samples in each book catalogue to scratch and sniff along with the most items out of all of avon's campaign's to see and look at including holiday and seasonal items.     

The New Outlet Avon Catalogue

This avon outlet catalogue is the best one to get if you are looking for the best avon sales with the lowest prices from all of the avon products.

The avon outlet book is also good to get because you might not see those products in the avon catalogue again, possibly but not always. The outlet book campaign has the lowest drop down prices for expiring items and or items that are in close out mode in the main catalog so they try to get rid of them one last time in the outlet book. 

They also have holiday items that are out of season to offer in this outlet brochure too! This is a great way to get seasonal holiday items extra early for the up and coming year on sale! 

Also you should know that once they are out of the listed items the sale is gone, they say while supplies last on the brochure, so get it while they last. Don't wait if you see something that you love and want. 

The New Avon Jewelry Guide

The avon jewelry guide are for people specifically looking for deals and sales off of their jewelry items only. This is while supplies last as well but for all of their sale jewelry items that are still in stock and are on sale. 

They have trendy jewelry pieces for sale and deals such as rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and pendants!

These specialty items are on sale in this avon catalogue book at great prices. Grab them before they run out of these cute accessories fast.  

The Go Figure Avon Body Shaping Catalogue 

The avon catalogue go figure are items for body shaping products for women who want help shaping their figure and body curves while wearing these under garments on their body that need a little bit of toning. 

Products in this avon book campaign offer items such as tummy control underwear, body slimming body suits to wear underneath clothing, leggings that firm legs, as well as beauty product gift sets too. Although the main catalog may have some of these items too, this go figure avon catalogue has all of the body shaping garments that is available in one place where as the main catalog may only have just "some" of these items in their main catalog.   

Avon Online Store Shopping

Avon online is great for people who need to buy avon products as soon as they want to, day or night. Avon online is an avon store website featuring your avon representative on the upper left hand corner of your screen. You may or may not contact this rep to ask questions regarding the avon opportunity and or about avon products with price information.

Most of the product information is always listed next to each product online to give you an avon shopping experience from wherever you are at any given time so that you may choose to shop day or night. The online store is open 24 hours.

The best feature of being on an avon online representative website is that you get to see real reviews of people who already tried and who are currently using the products that you are interested in.

For instance since you can't smell the perfume over the internet you can read online reviews on the bottom of each product to see the descriptions of each product.

Perhaps a comment might describe a certain perfume by saying the scent if soft and not overwhelming and is the best out of all of the avon floral perfumes they have tried from them. If every other comment is saying the same thing you figure this is the best floral perfume to buy from avon and that maybe you can give it a try. This is why I love buying avon online. 

Plus you can get free shipping when your total is $40.00 or more and the package will be delivered straight to your home with ups!

Avon Representative or Avon Rep

An avon representative is also known as an avon rep for short. I am one as well and am there for you to offer avon product advice and answer avon related questions about the avon oppurtunity to make extra money. 

I love the avon company! We are an avon family and support each other and we also help make sales to support important causes such as helping to donate money to help strive against breast cancer and domestic abuse. 

I love that avon is a company for women and a few good men!

Avon Sign In

At the top of the avon online store page no matter what page you are on you may create an avon account so that you have the option to keep track of orders past present and future with avon.com

Also you can sign in using your facebook account too for easy access if that is best for you, either way you will see all the sign in options when you click "sign in" at the top of this page.  

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