Covid - 19 Stress And Hair Loss

by Margarite
(California, USA)

I know this is a time of worry and stress about what tomorrow will bring but I want to bring you all encouragement and to let know that we need to keep the faith and to keep thinking positive if we want to get through this covid - 19 thing or anything else in life.

Please know that I am here for you for any hair loss questions that you may have, just use our forum to ask away and I will answer you as soon as I can. You can stay anonymous if you would like. I am here for you always.

I know the path is uncertain but please be kind to your friends, family and especially to yourself at this time. I have a "stress and hair loss article" on this site that you can view for free to help you during this time just search the search bar at the top of this website for the word "stress" and you will see this important article.

Remember to Stay Strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually


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