How Often?

by Lilly

How often do I have to use the product to get the best results?

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Hello Lilly
by: Margarite Of

Hi lilly, yes, this is a very important question!

I hope to answer you the best that I can.

First off there is no magic answer of exactly a certain number of how many times exactly to use it before seeing results since everyone is starting out at a different hair growth phase.

There are 3 stages of the hair growth cycle called the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase.

The anagen phase is basically the hair growth phase.

The catagen phase is basically the resting phase where there is no hair growth.

The telogen phase is the period where the hair sheds out phase.

Daily would help to get the best results although as long as you keep using the product when you can you should see best results for you.

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