Jada Pinkett Hair Loss, She Shares Her Story And Treatment 

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss In Hollywood

The Jada pinkett hair loss news was shocking to hear because she always had such beautiful thick hair that she loved to take care of. Jada said on her show Red Table Talk that everyone thought she used to wear fake hair because her hair always looked so nice. 

I first remember seeing Jada from her hit tv show A Different World. She was the cutest little thing on that show! 

She also starred in a ton of hit movies since then and married actor & rapper Will Smith along the way. 

Her success into stardom is to be applauded. She has worked hard to get to where she is now, which is a known household name of a beautiful actress. 

Although everybody and their mama are certain that "Hollywood" puts so much pressure on women to be young and beautiful at all times in order to be in the forefront of hit shows and top movie roles, whether it is unintentional or not, is not ok.

It is very devastating for a women to go through women's hair loss especially a women who is in Hollywood's spot light to have to go through female hair loss. Although all women going through hair loss can equally relate. 

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss Reveal And Cause

Jada pinket smith recently opened up about her struggles with women's hair loss on her brand new riveting show called Red Table Talk.

The show air's on Facebook. In the episode which aired may 21st. 2018, Jada revealed the answer to a common question that she got alot which was, why have you been wearing turbans? 

Jada replied with "well I've been having issues with hair loss. And I'ma tell you, it was terrifying when it first started." 

Jada continued by saying that she started noticing handfuls of hair fall into her hands in the shower,  "It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear " jada said, "That's why I cut my hair and continued to cut it."

Jada said that she had every test she could have to try and determine her hair loss but she has not been able to find any answers on why she is experiencing women's hair loss. She suspects it to be due to stress

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss How She Conceals Hair Loss

Jada has been wearing turbans as a way to quickly hide her women's female hair loss and she says "When my hair is wrapped, I feel like a queen."

I fully commend miss Jada for her positive attitude. First off she shared her story with everyone when she really didn't have to. I feel that she is a great role model for trying to deal with it the best way that she possibly can.

 My Pro tip: Just on a side note, if you do wear a turban please don't wear it too tight around your head. I know you have to keep the turban secure but the reason I say that is because you don't want to decrease the blood flow to the hair follicles. Doing so can make matters worse. 

When you get a chance please watch her episode because she shows a great mini tutorial on how she likes to wear her turban in three different ways, for those who don't know how to tie a turban scarf around your head. The three different ways that she shows of wrapping a turban around the head are both very beautiful and stylish.

Every week Jada joins her mother and daughter and the three women talk about a variety of women's issues that we can all relate to, especially because the show (Red Table Talk) has three different generations when discussing each issue. 

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss Treatment

As for female hair loss treatments, the 46 year old star revealed on instagram in a video post saying, “I’m getting my little steroid injections, and they seem to be helping, but not curing, but they seem to be helping, but I’m open to other ideas.” 

Thank you!

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