JoJo Siwa Hair Loss
What Happened?

The #1 question I get is: What causes women's hair loss?

Answer: The root cause of women's hair loss is due to imbalanced hormones.

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JoJo Siwa hair loss seems to be evident due to her hair line diminishing slowly through the years. Let's take a quick look at what is causing her hair loss and how she can stop her specific hair loss from happening again.

JoJo Siwa seems like she is such a sweet girl. I love her positive attitude and drive. She is a hard worker and a huge social media talented mega star.  

People are asking questions about her hair loss, so I am here to help answer some questions for her fans below.

Is JoJo Siwa Hair Loss Real?

Yes, it seems that JoJo's hair loss is very real because her hair line seems to be getting a little more sparse and growing out further and further from her face slightly and receding. 

Seen in pictures before and after online and in hurtful memes. 

Hair loss especially for the female hair loss community is extremely hurtful and difficult to handle.

It is hard enough being a teenager, plus being in the public eye online and not to mention being a female.

It must be hard for her to see hurtful memes meant to cause laughter at her appearance and shame her for something that she most likely is not that happy about, who would be?

I see that she is using sunglasses to try and cover up her hairline. Whether she is covering up her hair line with sunglasses for her fans or for herself due to hurtful comments, I hope people are kind to her in the near future and stop making fun of her. 

Ok let's get to the questions you want me to answer...

What Is Causing JoJo Siwa Hair To Fall Out At The Hair Line? 

JoJo's beloved ponytail that she loves to wear so much is what is primarily causing her female hair loss

JoJo Siwa herself has mentioned that she is wearing her tight ponytail at night while she sleeps as well as in the day time too. 

Due to the fact that JoJo is wearing her ponytail in a tight manner 24 hours a day 7 days a week suggests that she has traction alopecia. 

Traction alopecia is when the hair starts to fall out from a constant tugging and or pulling to the hair and hair loss will occur when the hair starts to fall out due to the strong tension applied on the scalp.  

Also her hair is color treated yet people suggest that her hair is bleached but in the youtube video where this is mentioned, I do not see bleach applied on the hair, I see hair color applied NOT bleach. So I am sure that is just a rumor.

So I would have to say that I doubt she bleaches her hair but colors it instead. Coloring the hair is less hurtful to the hair than bleach is. 

So my guess is that her tight ponytail is directly causing hair fall directly not the hair color. 

Will Jojo Siwa Hair Ever Grow Back?

#1 She needs to reverse her hair loss by stop having such a tight ponytail. Having a ponytail isn't all that bad, it's just that it is so tight and always worn on her head day and night that is causing female hair loss on her head.

She needs to stop the tight pony tail before it is too late because if she does not stop her scalp might get scarred over and this is when the hair loss does not grow back. But her hair might still have a chance due to her young age if she stops sooner than later. 

In Conclusion Of JoJo Siwa Hair Fall

I wish her the best of luck on her hair growth journey. 

I also would like to say, I hope that her fans don't make fun of her hair loss issues.

Be kind to her and I wish JoJo a continued successful and happy career ahead! 

Thank you!

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