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Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Tips For Faster Regrowth!

Laser treatment for hair loss works as long as it is low level treatment therapy technology. When people hear the word laser for hair they automatically think that the device is going to laser the hair off. Yes, they can laser hair off when the treatment is high-level therapy, but this is not the case in this situation. More about high level vs low level laser therapy later.

Does Red Light Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Really Work?

In one word yes, but allow me to explain how for those interested. Red light lasers are beams of light that give off very pure wavelengths. These beams of light have a ton of medical purposes to help people in different ways. 

One of the ways is to help with hair growth! There are many components in your skin that help your body absorb this light. Some of the main components are called melanin , water and hemoglobin. These components help us to absorb the red light laser treatment that helps work wonders. 

The lasers used for medical purposes are either high powered and or low powered. The high powered laser lights will, simply put, help a person get rid of hair follicles from growing back. This is used for unwanted hair. They also help get rid of wrinkles on the face and body. You should also be aware that the high powered laser does give off heat. 

As for the low level lasers used for medical purposes, they don't give off heat at all. Low level lasers help to rejuvenate and heal your body's tissue. 

This technology has actually been around alot longer than you may know, since the 1960's. So laser therapy is not a fad. Low level laser treatment helps with healing inflammation, healing wounds and healing chronic pain. 

When using the low level red light therapy for hair loss our skin absorbs the laser light which in turn stimulates hair growth where there wasn't before the red light laser treatment. The reason hair growth is produced is due to the increased blood flow to the area right where the laser therapy is being placed. Therefore the hair is strengthened, regrowth happens and will actually grow out even thicker than before. 

When Do You See Results From Red Light Laser Treatment For Hair Loss?

You should see results about 12 months after starting the low level red light laser treatment. Yet, it is very important to note that once you start you will need to keep doing the treatment continuously in order to see the results that you want. 

Women usually are more likely to see better results than men due to the fact that women's hair loss patterns are more evenly sparse throughout their heads unlike men's hair loss patterns. Yet results happen for both male and females.

Is Red Light Laser Therapy FDA Approved?

Yes it is. FDA approval makes companies back up their claims with rigorous clinical studies to prove that their products are both extremely safe and effective.

How Much Does The Red Light Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Cost?

This depends on whether you go to a clinic or use an at home device. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you better decide.   

Low Level Red Light Laser Treatment Clinic Pros and Cons 

Laser Clinic Pros

  1. The lasers are stronger.
  2. you get a precise amount of laser delivered each time.
  3. Results might be better monitored by a professional doctor.
  4. It is less stressful because you let the doctor monitor you instead of you timing yourself. 

Laser Clinic Cons

  1. You have to get ready and leave home each and every time scheduled.
  2. You have to go to the doctors office multiple times per month - at least 3 times per week.
  3. It's so much more expensive than doing it yourself. A clinic can cost up to a few thousand dollars for just 3 visits per week. (It can take months to start seeing results.)

Low Level Red Light Laser Treatment Home Device Pros and Cons 

Laser Home Treatment
Device Cons

  1. You might forget to do the treatments yourself unless you post it on your calendar.
  2. You may feel discouraged and want to stop trying when you don't see results over night. It takes weeks or up to 4 months to monitor and see results.

Laser Home Treatment 
Device Pros

  1. It's so much cheaper and more affordable than spending thousands at the doctors clinic per week. 
  2. It's much more convenient because you can do the treatments while you watch tv or relax in the comfort of your own home.
  3.  You have a 100% money back guarantee! Try asking for your money back at the doctors office laser clinic.
  4. You have 100% privacy because it's at your own home.
  5. Painless

Which Home Device Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Do You Recommend?

My choice of which red light laser hair treatment therapy to get goes to hair club for their discrete red light laser therapy devices!

Their technology really does help to produce new hair regrowth on the scalp and their device is FDA cleared.

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