Oil For Hair Loss
And Hair Growth

Applying oil for hair loss is a great way to grow your hair longer, stronger and prevent hair fall while at the same time allowing the benefits of these oils to provide the regrowth you have been look for naturally and effectively without dealing with any side effects.

This list of oils that I discuss on this pg. will give you insight on what oils actually work for hair growth and which oils don't actually work for hair regrowth to let you know the best oil(s) that are right for you.

Please note that all of these oils should be used topically, meaning on top of the head to be used correctly. 

#1 Castor Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Castor oil for hair loss helps stop the inflammation on the scalp which in turn helps to get rid of dandruff and psoriasis gently, for some this is their cause of hair loss.

Castor oil also helps grow the hair five times faster than the normal hair growth rate. 

Castor oil is known for helping your hair and eyelashes grow at a speedy rate for sure.

#2 Emu Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Emu oil for hair loss is extremely helpful in hair loss regrowth! Studies have shown that the hair growth rate is up to 20 percent more than without using emu oil.

Although you should know that some people might be unhappy to find out that the emu oil is not vegan friendly even though I have yet to hear one bad comment saying it does not work.

It works due to it's fatty acids and deep penetrating properties.

Emu oil for hair loss helps provide your hair and scalp with mega anti-inflammatory nutrients for your hair follicles giving you extra regrowth results according to the experts at the School Of Medicine at Boston University. 

#3 Olive Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Olive oil is known to stimulate hair growth and help stop the production of DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ) hair loss which is the main cause of hair loss in people. 

Olive oil is very helpful for your hair by preventing and reducing split ends, creating shine and giving your hair moisturizing properties.

Olive oil is also a great ingredient for other DIY hair treatments to help prevent and stop dry hair to get longer hair too!

#4 Coconut Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Coconut oil helps to grow the hair that you already have but it is not known to regrow the hair that you had lost when dealing with hair loss.

Although coconut oil does not hurt your hair loss either, it is a very safe oil to use and wouldn't hurt your scalp at all.

Although because coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, so if that is the cause of your hair loss than it very well might help get rid of your hair loss that way but you would still need a different oil to mix in it in order to help aide in the regrowth portion of your hair loss mixture to get the best hair growth results. 

#5 Evening Primrose Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose oil is made from a beautiful yellow flowered plant originally from north and south America.   

Evening Primrose oil is known for it's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property benefits which help fight hair loss due to inflammation.

Because evening primrose is also known for it's hormone balancing properties, taking evening primrose supplements may help women with hormone related hair loss problems they are facing such as post-pregnancy hair loss or hair loss due to menopause.

If you do want to further consider looking into evening primrose supplements to help ease hair loss and achieve hair regrowth here are my top tips:

  • consult with your doctor first
  • take 500 milligrams a day for hair loss regrowth
  • always take your supplements with a meal

#6 Fish Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Fish oil supplements for hair loss are very useful to get your hair regrowth property benefits from the inside out. 

Fish oil supplements for hair loss work to give you hair regrowth based on the following benefits for thinning hair loss:

  • omega 3 fatty acids - we need these as an outside source because our bodies cannot naturally produce them
  • provides protein and nutrients for stronger hair growth 

How much should you take? Answer : 2,000 mg of omega-3 fish oil supplements can be safely consumed daily with a meal. Try not to take more than that as fish oil supplements have been known to thin the blood. 

You can also eat fish in your daily diet if you prefer not to take supplements. 

#7 Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Pumpkin seed oil is helpful with hair growth due to the zinc inside of the pumpkin seeds. You can apply it on your scalp's head and hair follicles to give it hair growth inducing vitamins and minerals from the outside in. Although studies cannot confirm or deny if pumpkin seed oil does in fact regrow your hair. 

#8 Argan Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Argan oil may help heal hair breakage and split ends but there is no known facts or evidence to help link argan oil with regrowing new hair from the scalp. Although the only way argan oil can help fight hair loss is if your hair loss is due to hair breakage by using hot heated hair tools on your hair daily or by coloring your hair with bleach or highlights every other month or so.  

Argan oil is very helpful making the hair you already have very healthy and shiny.

Essential Oil For Hair Loss Regrowth

Essential oils for hair loss are the most effective way to provide hair loss regrowth due to the fact that essential oils are very potent and highly concentrated than the other oils mentioned on this list. 

Some of my favorite essential oils for hair loss regrowth include but are not limited to:

  • lavender essential oil
  • rosemary essential oil
  • peppermint essential oil

There is something called a carrier oil and an essential oil. A carrier oil should be mixed with an essential oil. The reason for this is because the carrier oil will help carry the essential oil deeper into the skin to help nourish the benefits deeper into the body and hair while giving you safer results.

Some of the best carrier oils I love are:

  • jojoba oil
  • argan oil
  • castor oil

If you use essential oils by themselves, they may cause severe irritation on the skin, so make sure you mix a few tablespoons of carrier oils to a couple drops essential oils before use!

Natural Female Hair Loss Treatment

There is a safer and better hair loss treatment out there that won't give you side effects, won't stink, hurt and flat out will actually work to give you healthier hair growth! Such as my hair treatment that naturally stops the DHT hormone from causing hair loss directly on the scalp.

My natural hair loss treatment is a topical treatment so you don't have to worry about taking it with any medications or with specific foods because you put the hair thickener serum directly on top of the scalp that is easier to use than rogaine!

Rogaine has severe side effects where they have reports of people wanting to faint after the use of rogaine and rashes due to their side effects!!

Although mine is proven to be completely safe as I not only use it myself but my satisfied customers have reported back to me saying they love it as well! 

You can check out my natural hair growth spa treatment by clicking here... 

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