Traction Alopecia Care Tips
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What Is Traction Alopecia?

Traction alopecia happens when the hair is being pulled or strained by constant tension causing hair loss on the scalp.

This means that you can literally stop this from happening, which is great news!

Prevention is key here so I am here to help with more questions and answers for you to learn more to get your hair back to it's proper hair growth state once and for all.

What Causes Traction Alopecia?

Traction alopecia is caused by ongoing constant strain of either pulling and or constant friction. Causes are such as the following:

  1. Too tight pony tails
  2. Tight pig tails
  3. Tight head gear, such as from hats, hijabs, helmets and headbands 
  4. Hair extensions
  5. False eyelashes can cause traction alopecia on your lashes too (just FYI)
  6. Tight Braiding such as from cornrows
  7. Constant rubbing such as even from hip hop break dancing on your head {as that is constant rubbing from constant dance practice}
  8. Too tight wigs, it's best to try and get a fitted wig or customized wig 
  9. Too tightly twisted dreadlocks
  10. Hair weaves attached with glue, tape, other adhesives or clips
  11. Hair accessories such as barrettes or hair clips worn tightly against the scalp daily
  12. Hair pieces
  13. Habit of pulling the hair out yourself with force doing this is a different cause called trichotillomania but still causes alopecia

Finding what is causing your constant hair pulling, tension, or constant friction will help identify what is causing your hair to become weak and why it is being worn out in those specific areas on the scalp. Rest assured you can help your hair be at it's best state when finding the cause of your hair loss and if any of the reasons above resonate with your cause of hair loss then you may be suffering from traction alopecia.   

Just like contentious plucking of hair such as your eye brows where plucking in the same place can cause hair to eventually stop growing, the same can happen to your scalp. With Continuous friction or pulling on the hair of the scalp the roots can become weaker and cause no hair growth to return at all in those specific areas. So it is so important to figure out what is causing your hair to be tugged on continuously before the hair follicles are damaged and stop to grow.

Who Can Get Traction Alopecia?

Anyone may get alopecia because it depends on if you tug and pull on your hair tightly on a daily basis. The African American community are very likely candidates for alopecia, due to the hair techniques usually and regularly performed on their hair. The braiding, weaves, even using continuous heat from a hot comb or flat iron may cause breakage and alopecia at the roots if the hot comb is applied on the roots of the hair often. 

Although every race is getting hair extensions for various reasons and are very well candidates for alopecia as well. 

Tight pony tails on children are likely to deal with alopecia as well because of the constant tugging of a tight hair style especially if worn daily. 

Pulling your hair via a hairstyle or hair accessory or hair weave extensions attached to your hair is ultimately what may be causing bald spots on your scalp. Also constant friction from a helmet or break dancing on your head can also cause baldness from alopecia too. Ballerina dancers can also get traction alopecia too due to their ballet bun hairstyles being constantly worn tightly every time they might practice and or perform. 

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Alopecia? 

  1. Tension headaches from a tight hair style
  2. Soreness of the hair after taking out a hairstyle
  3. Sensitive scalp or having a tender head after removing hair style or head gear
  4. Hair is sparse at the roots or scalp of your hair style
  5. Baldness is occurring at scalp in specific areas 
  6. A tight hairstyle is being worn daily

Any of these could be signs that you may have traction alopecia. 

Can Using Hair Extensions To Hide My Alopecia Make It  Worse?

Absolutely, yes hair extensions can actually create more hair loss. Even though your alopecia will be disguised and hidden hair weaves and hair extensions can actually make your alopecia worse and more severe than before you tried to conceal the hair loss. 

Even the simple tape on hair extensions can cause hair to be pulled from the head constantly when taking them out. Any kind of hair weave due to the braiding, bonding, fusion, and other adhesives applied to the hair and scalp can just make things worse. 

Can Traction Alopecia Be Fixed?

Maybe, this depends on if any scaring on the scalp has happened.

When constant pulling of the hair has caused hair loss and the skin on the scalp has scared over the follicle pore then the hair loss is not likely to come back.

But if you stop this issue in time and stop the tension hair loss by preventing whatever is causing the constant pulling of the hair then the alopecia hair loss will be reversed and hair growth will be restored. 

How soon you ask? Immediately, the hair will start to grow out, it will take a while but like a plant the process will start slowly but surely. In about 6 months to a year or even sooner you should start to see renewed hair growth.

But make sure you do not go back to your old hair pulling ways or you could lose your hair loss in spots for good, so please be gentle with your hair. I offer some of my professional home hair care tips here

If you are not sure if you have permanent hair loss scaring of the scalp or not please consult with your local dermatologist for a consultation.   

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