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The Different Types of Alopecia Hair Loss - Cures For Alopecia

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Alopecia hair loss may be a side effect from medications that you may be taking. Alopecia may run in your family history and be hereditary. Alopecia may even be from tight hairstyles pulling your hair often. I will briefly go over the different types of alopecia hair loss for you.   </span><br/></p><p>Here is a list of the different types of Alopecia areata:</p><p>Alopecia is the technical term for abnormal hair loss. When the hair falls out naturally is not the same as alopecia hair loss. Normally in the hair growth cycle hair will replace the hair that has naturally shed when falling out. The hair tends to shed most often during the spring and autumn months of the year. Alopecia hair loss is not replaced with new hair unless special scalp treatments are given to the person to encourage new hair growth in the scalp.

  • Alopecia Areata Totalis: That's when all of the hair on the scalp is bald.
  • Alopecia Areata Universalis: That is when all of the scalp is bald along with having no hair on the rest of the entire body.
  • Alopecia sensilis: is the type of baldness that happens to persons in old age.
  • Alopecia permatura: This type of baldness happens to persons during middle age and proceeds slowly thinning throughout the years. This happens when the hair is replaced with weaker hair follicles. 

The two lesser severe types of Alopecia Areata for women is called:

  • Alopecia Areata Monolocularis: That is when hair loss occurs only on one spot on the scalp.
  • Traction Alopecia: Is when the hair is pulled out with force by a tight hairstyle or from self. 


Female Alopecia Statistics - Cures For Alopecia

Alopecia areata can occour at any age and can happen to any race of people. 80 percent of patients have only 1 bald spot that can have any given shape such as round or oval shaped.

Please check with your family physician for a proper diagnosis. 

If you're diagnosed with alopecia areata the good news is that 90 percent of cases do not need severe treatments because your hair will eventually grow back on it's own.

If your scalp has just a few places of bald spots, then this is a good sign that your hair issue can be reversed and fully restored. 

Traction Alopecia Tips and QuestionsWhat Causes Traction Alopecia? - Cures For Alopecia

Traction alopecia is caused by tight hairstyles such as:

  • tight braids
  • tight headbands
  • tight dreadlocks
  • hair extensions due to the adhesives yanking and tugging on your real hair when removing hair extensions out of the hair.
  • wearing tight hats, hijabs, or any other tight head coverings.
  • Or by an emotion condition called trichotillomania which is a hair pulling disorder. Please seek treatment with a psychologist or psychiatrist in order to help fix this condition properly and safely.

Cures For Alopecia Teatments & Tips For Traction Alopecia Hair Loss

Another reason to stop wearing tight hairstyles and tight head gear is to stop and avoid related headaches. Tight hairstyles and hats may cause headaches too!

Simply loosen your hair styles and get larger head gear to properly fit your head in order to avoid and to stop traction alopecia and possible headaches.

Also changing the position of your hairstyles often really seems to help, even if it is only changing the position of a simple pony tail, this can make all of the difference in the world too.

Traction alopecia may not be reversible if there is continued use of tight hairstyles, tight head gear and hair extension use.

I find that wearing your hair down is a beautiful option that will definitely avoid traction alopecia altogether. 

Alopecia appears in a variety of different forms and types of conditions. Sometimes an alopecia scalp condition is improved by performing scalp treatments see below.

What Is Laser Treatment For Alopecia Hair Loss? - Cures For Alopecia

Here are the honest pros and cons that you can expect from using laser therapy treatment cures for alopecia hair loss. I will also let you know what results that you can actually expect from doing laser hair loss therapy from home. I will also inform you on how safe red light low-level laser therapy is to use during home use as well.

Someone might think that laser hair treatment might mean hair removal. Yes some lasers do work for hair removal but not in this case. 

Laser Treatment for hair loss is simply a device that gives off red light therapy for hair loss, helping people in all hair loss thinning stages and causes. Some people believe that red light laser treatment gives energy to the scalp and hair follicles by stimulating hair follicles in a positive faster hair growth rate.

Does Red Light Laser Treatment Cures For Alopecia Hair Loss Really Work?

Laser treatment cures for alopecia hair loss studies show that red light therapy helps stop and slow down female hair loss issues in women without any side effects and helps people have thicker stronger hair growth by reversing hair loss .

Even NASA researchers have proven in studies that red light laser hair therapy rejuvenates tissues and turns back the clock for your hair, giving you youthful, fuller, thicker hair. This is a great hair loss treatment!

How Does Red Light  Laser Treatment Cures For Alopecia Hair Loss Work?

Women's hereditary hair loss happens as the female hair follicles grow weaker.

The good news is that female hair loss can be corrected if caught early on. Consistently using red light laser therapy on female hair loss stimulates hair growth to be better quality, stronger hair.

Don't worry even though the word laser is used in this treatment, it is just a gentle light used on the scalp and does not hurt at all. 

It works by using thin intensely focused light beams on to your hair and scalp. The red light therapy wave lengths help to heal and grow thicker, stronger hair from the scalp. This is done using low level laser therapy. Low level laser light therapy does not produce heat. 

The possible reason for stronger hair growth from red light therapy is that chromophores absorb the laser light, then that makes hair grow in balding areas possibly by increased oxygen and blood flow to the scalp, causing hair to then grow at a stronger and thicker rate.

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High Powered Laser Treatment Therapy vs Low Powered Laser Treatment Therapy - Cures For Alopecia

Medical lasers can be either high powered or low powered devices. The high powered laser hair loss therapy devices are very effective in treating many medical conditions. High powered laser therapy can remove and destroy hair follicles and remove unwanted hair growth. High powered laser light therapy has heat to the therapy as well. High level laser therapy can also help fight wrinkles and fine lines and cut through skin tissue. 

Low level laser light therapy on the other hand will not produce any kind of heat. Low level laser therapy is used to heal and repair damaged tissue instead of destroying it. 

Therefore low level laser light therapy is ideal to help heal, restore and help hair loss patients get stronger and thicker hair growth.

Some may say that you cannot grow hair in a bald area of the scalp by using red light laser therapy but others disagree and claim the opposite that you very much can get hair growth. 

Low Level Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Therapy - Cures For Alopecia

Low level laser hair loss therapy technology has been around for many years. It has been used for

  • Healing wounds
  • Helping get rid of chronic pain
  • Helps get rid of inflammation
  • Cures for alopecia Hair loss

When low level laser therapy is used as cures for alopecia hair loss restoration, chromophores absorb the laser light and then that helps stimulate hair growth in balding areas on the scalp. 

Low level laser therapy also helps stimulate blood flow and oxygen flow to the balding areas on the scalp. Oxygen and increased blood flow to the balding areas help stimulate weak hair to become stronger, healthier and thicker.

Low level laser light therapy is not scientifically proven but people have seen results to prove that it does work in their cases. So it's definitely worth a must-try in my opinion to help restore hair loss.

When Will I See Red Light Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Results? - Cures For Alopecia

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Research studies for iRestore saw a successful rate of 100% of the tested iRestore users grew hair in the 4-month clinical study.

Client's saw healthy hair growth results when used consistently following the device's instructions.

Alopecia patients have seen great results as well!

Both men and women with androgenic alopecia, or genetic pattern baldness can also see results using low level laser hair loss treatment. 

Women are also great candidates for using laser treatment for hair loss due to the fact that their hair loss may be spread throughout the scalp more than men typically might be. There are so many different people who could see hair growth results as you can see in their study below. 

Some say that laser hair loss therapy cures for alopecia is a helpful tool to help you see hair growth due to the fact that you will possibly need to continue use in order to see continued hair growth on a regular basis. 

Laser Treatment For Hair loss Result Studies and Cases - Cures For Alopecia

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Above is the iRestore study that produced 100 percent positive hair growth results to every person in their study!

The results of the iRestore hair count was an average of 42.23 percent and the best results was an increase hair count of 114.67 percent. According to a 4 month iRestore clinical study.

In a different case study in 2003, a medical journal published the first study for red light laser treatment for hair loss ever. They used handheld low level laser devices to treat hair loss in their study. 35 patients that had androgenic alopecia participated in the study of both men & women, each got the hand held device to use at their home. Each person used their Low level laser light devices for 5 to 10 minutes every other day for a period of 6 months.

After 6 months of using their handheld low level laser light for hair loss devices, hair counts in the temples increased by an average of 55 percent in all of the females and a 74 percent hair growth increase in males. On the top of the head the increase was 65 percent for females and 120 percent hair growth increase for the males.

That is a total of 94 percent hair growth increase for the second study I provide for you.

The reason I feel that the first study above gets 100 % hair growth results may be due to the fact that they use an all over  hair treatment that covers the entire scalp. Where as all of the other low level laser light devices cover only a fraction of the head at a time and requires you, the person, to constantly move the low level wand or device all over your scalp in order to treat any thinning bald spots needed. I feel that is unnecessary and can be avoided if you use iRestore because the treatment covers all over the head without the work of constant movement on your part. 

Does Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Therapy Have Side Effects? -Cures For Alopecia

All the professionals say that handheld low level lasers are completely safe to use. There are no safety issues or concerns from either home use hand held devices or the clinic's devices. Although some may say that there is not enough research studies of long term use of laser hair loss treatments.

The good news is that some low level red light laser devices have been cleared by the FDA, many people feel that they must be safe and effective in achieving hair growth. Getting an FDA Approval is quite a strict process, with clinical trials that are required to provide enough strong evidence and proof that the laser hair loss devices work like they claim to be while still being safe and effective during the entire process of uses.

The FDA is helpful in protecting the safety of the public. Although some laser hair devices are not FDA approved, so you would want to consider this factor in safety when buying a safe hair restoring device.

Laser Treatment For Hair Loss - Clinic vs Hand Held Home Treatment Pros & Cons and Cost

Laser Clinic Pros

  1. The lasers are stronger.
  2. You get a precise amount of laser delivered each time.
  3. Results might be better monitored by a professional doctor.
  4. It is less stressful because you let the doctor monitor you instead of you timing yourself.  

Laser Clinic Cons

  1. You have to get ready and leave home each and every time scheduled.
  2. You have to go to the doctors office multiple times per month - at least 3 times per week.
  3. It's so much more expensive than doing it yourself. A clinic can cost up to a few thousand dollars for just 3 visits per week. (It can take up to 4 to 6 months to start seeing results.)

Laser Home TreatmentCons

  1. You might forget to do the treatments yourself unless you post it on your calendar.
  2. You may feel discouraged and want to stop trying when you don't see results over night. It takes weeks or up to 4 months to monitor and see results.

Laser Home Treatment Pros

  1. It's so much cheaper and more affordable than spending thousands at the doctors clinic per week. 
  2. It's much more convenient because you can do the treatments while you watch tv or relax in the comfort of your own home.
  3.  You have a 100% money back guarantee! Try asking for your money back at the doctors office laser clinic.
  4. You have 100% privacy because it's at your own home. 
  5. Painless

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Step By Step Treatment Cures for Alopecia

1.) Drape client using a towel or stylist cape.

2.) Gently Brush the clients hair using a soft bristle brush for about 5 minutes.

3.) Apply a medicated scalp ointment.

4.) Apply a red light for hair loss onto the scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes.

5.) Gently Scalp Massage for about 5 minutes.

6.) Gently massage including neck, shoulders, upper back to reduce stress.

7.) Use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

8.) Towel dry the hair gently (do not rub hard with towel).

9.) Style hair without using heat let air dry naturally is best.

10.) Clean up work station.

Step By Step Treatment Cures for Alopecia Areata

1.) Drape client using a towel or stylist cape.

2.) Gently do a Scalp Massage for about 5 minutes.

3.) Apply a red light for hair loss onto the scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes.

4.) Apply a scalp ointment on scalp and massage scalp for about 5 minutes.

5.) Again, apply a red light for hair loss onto the scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes.

6.) Gently massage including neck, shoulders, upper back to reduce stress.

7.) Gently use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

8.) Gently dry the hair and scalp completely please do not use heat when styling or drying the hair. 

9.) Clean up work station.

Where to Buy Red Light Laser Treatment For Hair Loss?
Reviews & Before and After Pictures

I personally Recommend Getting & Using The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System If You Want To See Real Cures For Alopecia<

iRestore is drug-free and has no negative side effects. This product has great reviews and is a must-have for anyone who wants to see cures for alopecia and grow more hair or improve hair volume at home.

This device is...

  • light weight
  • portable
  • comfortable
  • durable
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • painless
  • more affordable than clinic costs
  • clinical-strength Grade

This product uses low-level laser therapy which is clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles and increase fast growth of thicker and fuller hair. This powerful medical device uses clinical-strength laser technology to treat balding, thinning hair and receding hairline. 

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Read Comments & Reviews of Some Real iRestore Users

My Laser treatment for hair loss results:

THIS WORKS! Best Device In The Market.

I researched I-Restore and all the competitors about a year ago. After exhaustive research, I determined I-Restore seemed to be the very best. I purchased it for my husband and he started using in around March/April of this year. I took "before" pics and was going to wait until month 3.

But... I noticed such an obvious difference at 5 weeks that I took pics. I took the pics and showed him the views from the back, sides and above and he was just blown away. He said, "I thought I had more hair but I didn't want to get my hopes up".

Now at 4 months, he literally has not thin "bald" spot in back and his widows peak is not nearly as big. He literally has a head full of hair. WE have been telling EVERYONE we know about it

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