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Saturday July 20, 2024 ~ Pregnancy hair loss is a real thing, due to hormone fluctuations. So if this is you know that in about a year your hair should grow back.

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Celebrity Female
Hair Loss,
What Happened?

celebrity-female-hair-lossCelebrity Female Hair Loss, What Happened?

Celebrity female hair loss, What happened? Why are these women celebrities losing their hair?

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Celebrity Female Hair Loss Statistics

If you are a women dealing with hair loss you are not alone, statistics show that by the age of 60 years old that 80% of woman will have already experienced hair loss thinning at some point in their lives due to multiple reasons and causes. 

Hair loss in women can happen at any given age and at any time. Celebrities are of no exception.

Celebrity female hair loss can happen alot more than you would think.

Celebrity Female Hair Loss Causes

List of Celebrity Female Hair Loss causes:

Although any women can experience these random hair loss causes at different times in their lives, the website psychologytoday does suggest that celebrities do experience more stress than the rest of us.

"To be a celebrity means to have more than the usual assaults on one's ego," says Charles Figley, Ph.D., director of the Psychosocial Stress Research Program at Florida State University. "You're very vulnerable to the personal evaluations of other people. The public is ultimately in control of whether your career continues." 

Celebrities have the stress of their normal lives, along with the added stress of their celebrity job life as well.

Added stress a celebrity faces on a daily basis:

  • paparazzi
  • no privacy
  • stalkers
  • the critical public
  • worries of aging in the industry
  • worries of their looks (having to feel they need to look perfect) especially women
  • balancing hectic schedules with their families
  • constant travel

Since stress can cause female hair loss and celebrities face higher stressful problems, that would thus mean that women in the Hollywood industry can sometimes face a higher chance of getting celebrity female hair loss even more than the rest of us. 

Not to mention the following hair loss causes that they face, the rest of us have a choice not to deal with the following hair care issues:

All of these hair care issues above can cause hair loss over a period of time and can be lost even faster if done every day!

Although it is nice to get our hair worked on at a nice salon by a professional hair stylist once in a while, imagine getting up early every day to sit in the chair for hours getting your hair done daily?

It would then not be very fun at all, would it?

Especially if that was the very reason your hair was falling out and thinning!

Which it can due to the constant wear and tear of these daily hair care techniques, the hair will start to become brittle, dry and fall out! 

All of these hair styling procedures must be performed on celebrities (mostly women) every day before standing under the bright lights of their sets, when doing their jobs.

This can take it's toll on women's hair and can cause serious celebrity female hair loss.

Which Famous Women Have Had Celebrity Female Hair Loss?

Willow Smith Alopecia: Celebrity Female Hair Loss 


Does Willow Smith have Alopecia just like her other family member ? Asks her fans from around the world.

Willow has sudden hair loss and fans are worried as to why! Does She have cancer? Click here to find out why Willow Smith has lost her hair and is Bald.

Tyra Banks Hair Loss: Celebrity Female Hair Loss  

Tyra Banks Hair Loss: Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Tyra banks might have dealt with hair loss in one of the most stressful times of her life! Click here to read all about Tyra Banks hair loss and what happened? 

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss: Celebrity Female Hair Loss 

Jada Pinkett Hair Loss: Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Jada Pinkett is going through a particular hair loss condition that other women facing Alopecia can relate to as far as looking for answers and dealing with the loss of their hair. Click here to read the up's and down's of Jada's career and hair loss journey... 

Molly Tuttle Bald Hair Loss Story:
Celebrity Female Hair Loss 

Molly Tuttle Bald Hair Loss Story :
Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Miss Molly Tuttle Is sure a great musical guitarist and talented singer in the bluegrass scene! Click here to read a little more about her hair loss journey and goal to help others dealing with it.

Britney Spears Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Britney Spears Celebrity Female Hair Loss

I had to find out if Britney Spears was losing her hair and how. If you are interested too, Click here to read more about Britney's hair loss struggles through the years to see how she handled it...

Victoria's Secret Model Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Victoria's Secret Model Celebrity Female Hair Loss

Find out what models go through in the industry when it comes to their weight and rigorous diet routines. Bridget Malcolm a Victoria's Secret Model tells all about her hair loss experience here...

Jojo Siwa Celebrity Female Hair Loss

jojo siwa celebrity female hair loss

Sweetheart little JOJO Siwa is also having hair loss issues of her own. This is extremely rare considering her young age. Click here to learn exactly how Jojo is losing her hair and what she can do about it...

Tik Tok Star @alexyoumazzo: Celebrity Hair Loss 

Alexyoumazzo is a famous Tik Tok star who has hair loss. How does she handle it? Does it affect her social media platform from getting followers? Click here to find all that out and more...

Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica's Hair Loss Story : Celebrity Hair Loss

Tessica has been nick named "gorilla glue girl" and has become an over night social media celebrity due to her choice of "hair products" please keep reading to avoid the same hair damage that Tessica has...

Tiffany Haddish Bald : Celebrity Hair Loss

Find out why fans are worried for Tiffany Haddish's sudden loss of hair and why she is embracing her new look! Click here for all the details of celebrity hair loss news on Tiffany Haddish...

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