Hair Loss From Stress Tips

How Can Female Hair Loss From Stress Happen?

Hair loss from stress is a real thing that can happen to any women.

When a women is stressed out or so upset about any given situation in their lives that causes emotions to run high with feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, or shock, their hair can actually start to fall out due to the immune system weakening because of the body's emotional state.  

What Happens When Our Body Stresses Out?

Different issues can weaken our immune system such as anxiety, stress, depression, shock or even anger.

Our emotions can highly influence our health based on scientific research.

New research shows that our own emotions can play an important role on our immune system. 

Basically any kind of negative emotion can have a bad reaction to your immune system and can cause hair loss.

I have witnessed women who have gone through hair loss thinning after a very sad event has happened in their lives. 

Some of my clients hair used to be full, shiny and beautiful then suddenly became dry, weak, thin, brittle and lost it's shine. 

When they asked me why, I knew it was most likely caused by the traumatic event that just happened in their lives, even though it happened a month or so prior. 

Their reaction usually is unbelief thinking that couldn't be, but hair loss from stress is a very real thing that I have seen happen.

Also revisiting the same clients in happier times some time after things have more than settled down for them suddenly their hair was back shiny and beautiful again!

So for me, I truly believe in the emotions and immune system working together, because of this fact, I beg you to think positive as much as possible for your own health's sake.

How To Restore Women's Hair Loss From Stress?

The good news is if stress and anxiety are the cause of your female hair loss thinning then getting rid of your stress will in turn help restore your hair from the inside out.

Also here are my top 10 tips to help strengthen your hair because you want to make sure to heal your hair loss thinning from the inside as well as from the outside to get best hair loss regrowth results!

8 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Hair Loss From Stress 

1.) Think positive daily. The very best way you can over come stress is to think positive. Being thankful and grateful at situations in your every day life will bring you great joy and less stress. Looking at the bright side of situations really helps to enjoy life more abundantly. 

2.) Exercise: Any exercise helps your body develop endorphins which are hormones that give you a happy feeling when you exercise. Exercise helps your body to feel better, look better, reduce stress and make you healthier.  

3.) Make goals in life. Think of things that you want to accomplish in life and set baby steps to be able to make it happen, remember that your current situation is only temporary and you are working at changing it.

4.) Laughter is medicine for the soul. It's true! 

Every time you laugh your help strengthen your immune system, diminish pain, put yourself in a good mood which in turn helps you release stress from your entire body.

So think of what makes you laugh:

  • reading funny comic books
  • watching funny movies / shows
  • talking with your favorite people who put you in a good mood
  • watching your pet act silly 
  • It doesn't matter what it is, if it makes you laugh in a healthy way do more of it because it's good for your health!

5.) If you have anger issues at someone in your life maybe think about taking an anger management class.

Stress management books will help you learn to relax in situations that could stress someone out.

If you suffer from anger issues and suffer from female hair loss, a stress & anger management book may change your life for the better by improving both of these issues all at once. 

6) Also reading inspirational quotes daily can help you get in good positive mood and make you feel better about your current situation by simply being inspired when reading positive quotes. 

7) Another way to relax is by getting a massage and if nobody can give one to you it's always great to give yourself a scalp massage.

Not only will it help you with your hair growth situation by stimulating the blood circulation which in turn helps grow hair but it will also lesson the stressful tension of what you are currently going through. 

Plus a body or scalp massage always feels Amaaaazing! :)

8.) Another way to stay positive is to start a gratitude journal. This will help you write down what you are thankful for and look at it again and again in the future when you need a quick pick-me-up! When you write down what you are thankful for you will truly see how blessed you truly are!

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