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If you are looking for women hair loss solutions you came to the right hair regrowth blog. 

Female hair thinning may be difficult to deal with emotionally for us women, but the fact that you are here seeking help and guidance through this situation shows how powerful you really are! 

I wrote this site for you with love and knowledge. I hope that you will save this site in your favorites bar for easy access to help you restore your hair fully with the help, guidance and resources that I provide for you here at . 

Popular Pages of Women Hair Loss Solutions & Treatments

Here are some popular women hair thinning solutions and treatment pages that are helping other women with their hair issues currently. Simply click on a picture below in order to help stop your hair thinning issues today. 

Popular Pages of Women's Hair Thinning Causes

Here are some main causes and reasons women may have female hair fall. Click on the picture below to start understanding why your hair is thinning and start looking at women's hair fall solutions today!

Helpful Alopecia Pages

Hair Thinning Cause And Treatment Lists

Statistics of Female Hair Thinning

Statistics show that you are not alone with nearly 1 out of 4 women experiencing female hair thinning at some point of their lives.

Here are a few more female hair fall statistics...

40% of people who are suffering from hair balding due to alopecia are women.

50% of women are experiencing hair thinning at the age of 65 and over.

By the age of 60 80% of women have already experienced noticeable hair  hair thinning and or balding.

95% of females are experiencing hair fall thinning due to hormonal changes such as from pregnancy and menopause.

Female Hair Loss Help That You Will Receive On This Site

There are probably more women hair balding solutions available than you probably realize. This site girlshairtalk is here to help inform you of all your options available. 

I believe that with the right treatment(s) for your specific needs that you could see great results!  I am a professional stylist of hair since 2003 and have knowledge and experience in both hair regrowth and hair fall. I strongly feel and know that by understanding what your hair thinning cause is, good change can happen in the right direction.

On our hair thinning regrowth blog I cover an array of female pattern hair Fall causes. I also talk about the differences of treatment options available that you can do at home or that are clinic based, whichever you prefer.  

Some of the at-home hair loss treatments I discuss are easy DIY options that are completely natural. These are budget friendly options as well that you can try.

I also love to share the hair product recommendations throughout this hair loss blog. Hopefully all of this information will help you understand and fix your issues with female hair thinning once and for all.

Goals Here at

My hope and goal is that your hair thinning is only temporary with the information that you will receive here at

The products that I recommend throughout this site are from years of experience and professional product knowledge.

I would also like to let you know that if you have any women's hair thinning info that you would like to add to this site or want to see, please use the contact me form tab or please leave a comment using our comment fill-out-forms at the bottom of any page desired.

Thank you kindly ~

Margarite - professional hair stylist and owner of

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