Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Vitamins hair loss Before & After pictures results are from using the Viviscal vitamin hair loss supplements click here to buy

Best Vitamins for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss 

Choosing the best vitamins for female hair loss is a natural way to restore and reverse hair loss for women. There are many different reasons for female hair loss and hair thinning. This is why I wanted to do this website to help women see the different options and causes to help restore hair.

Due to the different reasons of female hair loss, I recommend taking vitamins first to help with your female pattern hair loss. Doing so will help you understand better if your hair loss thinning is due to a vitamin deficiency or not.

This is why it is important to take hair loss thinning vitamin supplements first before doing topical treatments second if you are unsure of what your hair loss cause may be.

Taking the following vitamins that I discuss on this page, will help give you a better understanding of what vitamin and mineral supplements to take for hair loss. I find through my research that they are the best known natural supplements for restoring women's female hair loss.

List Of Vitamins to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning: (Vitamin C) 

The hair benefits of vitamin C is very helpful in helping restore your hair loss and hair thinning. It also helps to prevent dry hair. Vitamin C intake also helps in preventing split ends in hair, according to the university of Maryland medical center.

Vitamin C is very helpful for people who suffer from hair loss and hair thinning due to traction alopecia because of fact that it helps prevent split ends & dry hair. Dry hair and split ends can cause breakage in the hair and if it is not treated properly by doing hair treatments and taking vitamin C it can cause severe hair thinning over time. 

Even though vitamin c deficiency may not be a direct cause of female hair loss it is still effective by helping you to get thicker, fuller, healthier hair. 

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning : (Niacin) 

Niacin is very helpful in reversing female hair loss due to the fact that it helps increase blood flow to the scalp.

Increasing blood flow to the scalp will help give your hair larger follicles as well as faster hair growth. Why? Because the blood will provide an extra supply of hair growth factors such as oxygen, and nutrients to your scalp which in turn helps stimulate stronger and faster hair growth on the scalp.  

Niacin for hair loss is also helpful in relaxing the nerves of the body. This is a very important factor due to stress being a common cause of women's female hair loss.

So niacin is a great supplement in helping to reverse female hair loss.

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning: (Biotin) 

Biotin vitamins are known to stimulate hair growth due to the fact that biotin vitamins help to build natural body proteins such as keratin which is what hair is made from. So biotin helps give you stronger thicker hair growth.

Some people may have experienced acne from taking too much of this vitamin in order to obtain faster hair growth so I recommend not to take too much of this vitamin if you break out in pimples. A small dose is all you need I recommend the amount in viviscal vitamins for hair growth is best because they don't give you an large amount of biotin like other hair growth supplements on the market.  

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning: (Zinc)

Zinc is very important in restoring female hair loss.

Zinc deficiency may be causing the thinning of hair and in turn causing female hair loss.

One of the benefits of zinc is that it helps to keep hormone levels balanced.

Hormone imbalance is another reason for female hair loss such as in the cases of postpartum pregnancy hair loss and menopause hair loss. This is why zinc is so important to take for women's female hair loss problems and helps to restore women's hair.

Zinc is also known to help protect the protein structure in the hair follicles that help make the hair up in the first place. Zinc helps to prevent weak hair follicles from breaking off on your entire head, helping you to prevent female hair loss.

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning : (Iron)

Iron deficiency may be another reason for female hair loss. Iron helps to prevent hair fall, shedding and thinning by helping maximize a women's ability to grow hair.

You don't need too much of iron to see a difference.

You can even eat food that is rich in iron as a way to get it into your diet just enough to make a difference since it doesn't take much.

Foods rich in iron are spinach and black beans to name a few.


Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning: (Horse Tail Extract) 

Horse tail may sound kind of funny due to it's name but it will help give you stronger, shinier hair as well as a silkier texture of hair too. Horse tail extract will also help give you strong bones and prettier nails too. 

Vitamins Hair Loss List to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning: (Millet Seed Extract) 

Millet seed extract is another great nutrient in helping you get rid of female hair loss. Millet seed extract helps to strengthen hair follicles making your hair less prone to breakage and help to keep it stronger and healthier.

It is known that high cortisol levels in the body may be causing female hair loss. Millet seed extract helps your body regulate cortisol levels in the body due to the magnesium in the millet. 

Millet also helps reduce other known female hair issues such as psoriasis and dandruff. 

Millet is also known to help reduce the inflammation in the scalp area which may be causing the female hair loss in the first place. So millet will help you restore your scalps ability to produce proper hair growth.

Best Vitamin Supplements to Help Restore Hair Loss Thinning and Get Regrowth

For the best hair growth vitamins, I recommend the ones by viviscal because they have all of these vitamins in one natural tablet supplement, saving you money. 

Other hair growth vitamins on the market have color added to them making them not natural and I can't find any brands with all of these vitamins in one tablet. As for me I like to save money, so I love and recommend viviscal. It really works as you can see in this before and after! 

Vitamins hair loss Before & After pictures results are from using the Viviscal vitamin hair loss supplements click here to buy


our reader Stacy says...

Worth every penny!

I read the reviews, I did my research. I saw the pictures, but I was still hesitant. After a near mental breakdown from yet another handful of hair going down the shower drain, I decided to give it a try. It's not very expensive, and if it worked, I decided it would be worth it's weight in gold. 

I have been on it almost 3 months now, religiously. I take the pills twice a day and I use the shampoo and conditioner. They work better in my hair than most of the high end products that my best friend gets me from the hair supply store (she's a hair dresser) and smell good too.

The difference is very noticeable. Instead of a handful of hair now in the shower, I'm only losing maybe 2 or 3 strands.. and my brush doesn't have to be cleaned out of lost hair weekly. I've even referred people. My hair is fuller, healthier and I've noticed little baby hairs coming in too. 

I don't write reviews. But this product is truly worth it and if you are on the fence about trying it, please do yourself the favor.

Lenora says

I am afro American, and my hair problems was due to prior surgery, and age. This is my 2nd 3 month supply, and I am very pleased with the results, so far. I started seeing filling in, as little as 2 weeks.

My hairdresser was amazed, with how much my hair thickened and grew, in two months. My hair was so thin on top, and at temples, but is filling in and is getting thicker.

I am more confident, and no longer thinking about buying any wigs. I will probably purchase a 3rd 3 month supply, maybe to take one a day, instead of two, just to maintain. :)

Britney says...

absolutely amazing!!! 

I'll admit I was skeptical.

After experiencing hair loss after my first child, I was petrified to see what would happen after my second. My hair actually fell out even more and even faster after my second, to the point where I could not even conceal the bald spots.

That's when I decided to give viviscal a try and the results have been mind-blowing! Within the first 15 days o saw new growth filling in my bald spots!

Now, after a month and a half, I have a thick new growth throughout my entire head! I am beyond amazed and have told everybody I know about this stuff! It's magic and a miracle to moms everywhere for sure!

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