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Children With Hair Loss:
Help, Causes, Treatment and Free Resources for kids!

Child looking sad in the dark due to hair loss.Children With Hair Loss Options And Free Donation Resources Page

Contrary to popular beliefs, hair loss isn’t just an adult problem. A good number of children with hair loss worldwide have dealt with hair loss at some point in their childhoods. Statistics show that children with hair loss are responsible for over 3% of all pediatric visits to hospitals in the US -- showing hair loss related problems is not an uncommon event for children.

However, hair loss in kids might stem from different reasons than that of adults. Hair loss is quite different in kids, especially in its pattern. Asides from the difference in diagnostics, kids don’t have the emotional maturity to handle hair thinning or baldness like adults. It's a traumatizing experience for most adults, so you can imagine the psychological effect hair loss may have on a child. This is why it's significantly harder for them to deal with it and precisely why seeing a doctor is essential. To understand what hair loss in children entails, we will discuss the hair loss causes and solutions. Let's get right to it.

Medical causes of children with hair loss

Most times, scalp infection cause hair loss in children, and here are a few of them:

Tinea capitis - children with hair loss: Tinea capitis, also known as ringworm, is a contagious fungal infection of the skin. This infection has a red, ring-shaped rash for its appearance, and it can be itchy. However, scratching this infection can further damage the scalp, thus causing hair to fall out. Kids being kids, may even try to pull their hair due to the intense itchy feeling.

Tinea capitis spreads through the dissemination of personal items like combs or hats. Asides from the hair loss patches with black dots signifying hair loss, the child may develop fever or swollen glands. After diagnosis, a dermatologist would prescribe an antifungal drug, shampoo, or ointment for the scalp. Once the ringworm clears, the bald patches should begin to fill up with hair.

Alopecia areata  - children with hair loss: This is a non-contagious autoimmune disease in which the individual's hair follicles are being attacked by the body's immune system, thus causing hair loss. About 1 in a thousand children have this type of alopecia, leading to total baldness or hair thinning. Since hair loss patterns vary for this disease, some children may lose their eyebrows and lashes in addition to their hair, while others may not.

There are various subtypes of this disease, and it is characterized by a sudden appearance of oval patches of hair loss. Even though there is still no cure for Alopecia areata, it can be managed with medication like corticosteroid creams, lotion or ointments, minoxidil, anthralin. By managing its symptoms, most children can witness a regrowth in a year.

Trichotillomania  - children with hair loss: In simple terms, this is the condition of excessive hair pulling by a child. This condition is anxiety-based, and doctors associate this behavior with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it can be damaging to such a child's hair. Kids diagnosed with this condition will have many patchy areas of missing or broken hair or varying length, depending on how compulsive they are with pulling their hair. This condition indicates an underlying problem or stressor, and such a child's hair will easily grow back once they refrain from pulling it out. Counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, or social support can help in such cases.

Traction alopecia  - children with hair loss: This is hair loss by long term tension or pulling. Traction alopecia stems from wearing tight ponytails or braids for long periods. It can also be a result of wearing hairstyles that places tension on the hair at the temples. This condition can easily be reversed once the child starts wearing loose hairstyles.

Other causes of hair loss in children include Telogen effluvium, nutritional deficiency, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, chemicals, frequent blow-drying, endocrine problems, or hair abuse. Some of these conditions can be managed with medication and a change in hair care, while others may be terminal.

For people seeking help for those suffering from teenage hair loss: Teenage hair loss can be caused due to hormonal reasons.


How people can help or be helped
- list of donation centers - 
Free wigs to c
hildren with hair loss

Because the effects of hair loss can impact a child's psychological well-being, affecting their self-esteem and sense of worth. Some specific charities and foundations are dedicated to children with hair loss. At these non-profit charities, one can donate money or hair. Either way, such a person will be helping kids with different kinds of hair loss conditions to build back their confidence with a full head of hair. You can give hair donations or receive wig  donations at the following list of wigs for hair loss donation centers;

Locks of Love: Established in 1997, this organization has designed hundreds of wigs from real hair specifically for children to cater to the demand. This organization receives several thousand locks of hair every week, and thus, it is the largest hair donation center.

Wigs for Kids: Founded in 1981, this is one of the longest operational hair donation organizations in the US. This organization makes Wigs for Kids, which can withstand kid-related activities like playing or exercising. These wigs are designed to withstand high levels of activity. Hair donations need to be at least 12 inches in length.

Hair We Share: Established in 2014, Hair We Share donates real hair wigs to kids under 18 and even adults with hair loss issues facing hardships. Most wigs from this organization go to people with medical conditions, hair-damaging trauma, or chemotherapy-related hair loss. At this organization, donors can track their hair to see the positive impact it's creating in others' lives.

Children with Hair Loss: This organization gifts real hair wigs to kids and young adults facing medically-related hair loss Free of charge.


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