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Celebrity Hair Loss

Celebrity hair loss can happen to any celebrity at any time because they are people who can go through struggles too.

Below are the celebrities who had and still are currently going through hair loss. I will update each case as time goes on. The reason for this is to mainly keep an eye on what celebrities choose for hair loss treatments as well as to see what is causing them to lose their hair. My hope is that we all can learn through their experiences of hair thinning cases to help others.

A-Z Click On The Hair Loss Celebrity You Want To See:

Is John Cena Bald? Celebrity Hair Loss

Is John Cena Bald

John Cena is a sexy star and when sexy stars start to age people get upset. I know ridiculous huh!

But is John's hair loss his own fault? Find out my thoughts on John Cena's thinning hair loss when you click here.

Why Is John Travolta Bald?


People would like to know why is John Travolta bald?

Especially Leah Remini! J/K about the Leah part, or am I? LOL

But seriously, I can see why people are interested.

John Travolta was so know for his thick beautiful hair! So click here to find out why John Travolta is Bald!

Is Tim McGraw Bald?

Is Tim McGraw Bald and does he wear a Toupee

Is Tim McGraw Bald?

Does he wear a toupee?

I answer these questions and more with my expertise, that you can find out now by clicking here.

Is Bret Michaels Bald? : Celebrity Hair Loss 

Is Bret Michaels Bald

Bret Michaels was a huge rock star from the 80's. 

People ask if he is bald? They also ask if he ever wears a wig at all? Click here to find out all that and more about Bret...

Why Is Caillou Bald? : Celebrity Hair Loss 

Why is Caillou Bald and have no hair?

People seriously wanted  to know why Caillou is bald? Yup, a cartoon character but I never disappoint and found out the answer for you guys!

Click here to find out why Caillou is bald.

Hey, while I'm at it should I find out why Charlie Brown is bald too? LOL 

Elon Musk Balding: Celebrity Hair Loss 


Can Hair Loss happen to the richest man on earth? Did you know Elon is the richest man on earth according to Forbes magazine?

Click here to find out exactly what he did about his balding... 

Prince Harry Bald: Celebrity Hair Loss 


Is the handsome Prince Harry balding?

Some guess that he is over the past few years.

I give my educated guess as to if, why and how, click here to see if Prince Harry is balding and why.

Jacob Batalon Bald: Celebrity Hair Loss 

Why Is Jacob Batalon Bald?

Jacob Batalon has lost over 100 lbs and has sudden hair loss!

People are curious as to why? Click here to find out why Jacob Batalon has sudden hair loss.

Jason Momoa Bald: Celebrity Hair Loss 

Jason Momoa Bald For Plastics

Everyone wants to know if Jason Momoa is bald?

What happened to his sexy long hair? 

To find out all this and more click here to see what happened to Jason Momoa's hair?!

Brendan Fraser Hair Loss: Celebrity Hair Loss 

Brendan Fraser has been Hollywood's heart throb for decades!

He has also been through alot and has seen health issues and more that may have caused his hair loss.

To learn the full story of what he went through along with my hair loss analysis through it all, click here to find out what is causing Brendan Fraser's hair loss and what I suggest to treat it... 

Harry Styles Hair Loss: Celebrity Hair Loss

Is Harry Styles Bald? So many people want to know the truth among all of the viscous rumors out there that are circulating around the internet.

Click here to find out if Harry Styles is officially bald or not...

Justin Bieber Hair Loss: Celebrity Hair Loss 

Justin Bieber is a famous child singing star that grew up in the spotlight. He has many fans wondering if he is struggling with hair loss issues. Click here to find out for yourself if Justin Bieber has hair loss? 

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss: Celebrity Hair Loss

Matthew McConaughey's sudden hair loss and sudden hair growth has everyone asking alot of questions about his hair. Click here to read the truth about Matthew's hair loss

Trae Young Celebrity Hair Loss

Is Trae Young balding? Find out if he is balding or if the haters are just making up stories because he is a threat at beating their basketball team? Click here to read more about the Trae Young hair story... 

LeBron James Celebrity Hair Loss

Is LeBron James bald? Find out what he is doing to cover his hair loss and how he is handling the situation emotionally. Click here to learn more about this basketball legend and his hair loss....

Logan Paul Celebrity Hair Loss

Logan Paul is a huge youtube star who may be going through some serious hair loss extremely fast for such a young age. Find out if Logan Paul is losing his hair here...

James Charles Celebrity Hair Loss

Youtube celebrity and make up artist loses his hair suddenly and he warns others what happened so that you don't make the same mistake that he did.

Click here to read what happened to James Charles' hair loss...

Jordan Spieth Celebrity Hair Loss

Pro golfer Jordan Spieth has had his run in with hair loss while being in the public eye. Although his hair loss looks to be reversing, see what he did to fix his problem and what could have caused his hair loss in the first place! Click here to read about pro golfer jordan spieth's hair loss issues...


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