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Saturday July 20, 2024 ~ Pregnancy hair loss is a real thing, due to hormone fluctuations. So if this is you know that in about a year your hair should grow back.

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Matthew Mcconaughey
Hair Loss,
What Happened?
What's His Hair Growth Secret?

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss, What Happened?

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss, First Who Is He? 

Matthew was born Matthew David McConaughey on November 4, 1969.

Matthew is an A-list actor who starred in countless films including his breakout role in 1993 "Dazed and Confused" and "Texas Chainsaw Manicure ~ The Next Generation" in 1994. Not to mention countless romantic comedies such as "Failure to Launch" in 2006. 

As far as a bit of his personal life goes, Matthew is of Christian faith who married his very pretty wife Camila Alves in 2006. They both share 3 kids together.

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss ~ The Hair Loss Mug Shot And Arrest

Matthew Mcconaughey's hair loss controversy started in 1999 during a mug shot release. 

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss Mug Shot Arrest Picture in 1999.

The Matthew Mcconaughey hair loss picture seen here raised concern as sudden hair loss and shocking all of his fans.

Because prior to that fans have never seen him with hair loss prior before that picture of his mug shot release! 

The Arrest:

In October of 1999, Matthew enjoyed watching a Texas Longhorn football game win big on a Saturday and partied through that weekend. 

He partied from that football game to until 2:30 am on that Monday. The then 29 year old actor was getting ready for bed by smoking weed naked with the windows open in order to smell the Jasmine flowers.

He also started playing the music of Henri Dikongué, a Cameroonian singer and guitarist, on his stereo.

It was at this time that he decided to join in a jam session by whipping out his bongos and playing them.

The actor then recalls at that time, two Austin Texas police officers barged into his house unannounced, wrestled him to the ground with nightsticks, handcuffed him and pinned him to the floor.

The cops told him "Mr. McConaughey, you are under arrest for disturbing the peace, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest,” while the actor was still pinned to the floor.

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss ~ The Controversy Video!

In this video below Matthew mentions that he started getting hair loss way back in 1999 and uses Regenix. 

My Personal And Professional Opinion On Matthew Mcconaughey's Hair Loss

First of all let me start by saying, I am going to be brutally honest and perhaps harsh to a point, because I don't like liars or people who give half truths which are lies.

In the video above on the Kelly Ripa show, I believe that was a paid commercial. 

The video starts by telling the million dollar actor "You have the greatest hair, is that natural?"

That tells me right there that guy whoever he was already flubbed his lines by asking "is that natural". Like really dude who says that? I bet he already knew what Matthew was going to say from dress rehearsal.

Matthew is such an acting pro and speaks up to cut him off by saying "thank you man" when he asks "Is that natural?" (Remember that it's a live show). 

And then Matthew mentions he was going bald in "99". And Kelly with her mouth open pretending to be shocked says "and then what happened."

I'm sure mega-talented actor Matthew is thinking, "These guys suck at acting!" 


Let's keep going shall we? 

Then he tells a story of how he never got a hair transplant. 

He then says he got a perm and it's been curly ever since. Well as a cosmetologist it is impossible to keep hair curly for that long because a perm only lasts until you cut it off. Unless he was joking and nobody got the joke.

He must have naturally curly / wavy hair in my opinion.

Did He Get  A Transplant? Transplant Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss

First of all I believe he is telling the truth about not getting a hair transplant. But I believe he wears wigs to get hair and it's not from using that Regenix that he mentions in his paid commercial lie!

As far as that company Regenix goes they have cancer causing ingredients such as "cocamide" related ingredients in their products.

What pisses me off is Regenix says they don't have cocamide DEA in their products but they do contain Cocamidopropyl Betine which is a lie by the company or half truth because any form of cocamide and Cocamidopropyl Betine can all still cause cancer! 

Please stay away from all forms or Cocamide in your hair care products! 

I 100% do not recommend Regenix!! They are con artist crooks by the tricks they lie about.

For Reference Here Is A List Of Harmful Hair Product Ingredients To Stay Away From:

(List of bad and cancer causing ingredients to stay away from)

Why I Believe Matthew Wears Wigs: Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss

First of all Matthew had a full head of hair while working on the movie EdTv that was made and released just months prior to his arrest back in 1999.

As you can see below in this picture, he had a full head of hair in the movie then "bam" you see sudden hair loss in his arrest hair loss mugshot. 

You don't go from a full head of hair to that severe of hair loss in a matter of a few months.

My Thoughts:

I believe when he was abruptly arrested from his home he simply was caught in the infamous mug shot without his wig on.

Hollywood has something called lace front wigs to make your wig appear as though the wig hair is real and actually growing straight from your scalp.

At time stamp 3:43 in the video below, Check out this wig as an example:

Video Proof Of Matthew's Wig Wearing!: Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Loss

For video proof push play on the video below at time stamp between 1:50 and 1:51 and watch his lace front wig line roll up on the corner of his forehead

Then they cut the camera to the audience at time stamp 1:51 to cover up his wig secret. 

Hey, you guys wanted to know: "How the heck did Matthew Mcconaughey get his hair back after his hair loss?"  And I just told you.  Peace! ~ Margarite

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