Exercise And Hair Loss

Exercise and hair loss may be related due to working out too much excessively.  

Exercise is great for you to do but too much of a good thing may very well be a bad thing in most cases including exercise.

Talk to your doctor to find out how much exercise is best for you and also what kind is best to do.

I will talk about my experience with working out too much recently in this article so that you can understand what not to do based on my own experience.

Can Exercise Help With Hair Loss?: Exercise And Hair Loss

Exercise helps fight hair loss by helping achieve the proper blood circulation in your body. When your body is getting proper blood circulation, your hair follicles can then get the right nutrients sent to your scalp from the inside out to help with hair growth.

You can also achieve better blood circulation to thinning hair by massaging your scalp and getting hair growth help that way too, whether you are unable to exercise or not. 

There is also something that happens to a women's hormone levels when we work out such as our endorphin levels rise up and that gives us a happy feeling. 

Exercise can help hair loss when dealing with stressful or sad situations in our lives. Depression and stress hormone levels can cause hair loss. Exercise can fight these feelings and stop hair loss if stress is your cause of hair loss.

Endorphins are hormone chemicals that interact with your brain that help reduce your perception of pain. These hormones make you feel positive, similar to the drug morphine without the side effects!  

That is why it is great to exercise when you are feeling sad or depressed. Exercising will help make you feel better in your brain due to these higher hormone levels of endorphins. 

What Happens When Women Work Out Too Much?

Yet too much exercise can cause your testosterone levels to rise up more and that can cause the hormone DHT which causes hair loss in women. 

This is why people who take steroids can get hair loss because too much muscle mass means testosterone levels rise up and DHT levels can cause hair loss on the scalp. That is what links exercise and hair loss together. 

My Story About Too Much Exercise

Another side effect of too much excessive exercise is that women can  have periods that are missed or extra light (barely there). 

This can also happen to women who are bodybuilders, they might not get their periods for a long periods of time due to getting higher levels of testosterone when working out from lifting heavier weights.

When your period is not regular this means you can have a hormonal imbalance. 

I for one started to body build and lift weights although I was not using any kind of steroids, I did notice that my hormones were still off and unbalanced because of how I felt and mostly because my period was irregular.

I knew it was because I was lifting weights because that was the only thing I had done differently.

I track my period every month because I want to make sure my hormone levels are always balanced so all my tracking paid off when my period days were off more than normal. 

I immediately knew if I continued to body build and lift heavy weights I was going to experience possibly hair loss down the line and other hormonal imbalance issues such as the following:

I was already staring to experience feeling shaky with anxiety, so I knew what I had to do, I had to stop working out as hard. So I did just that. 

I, like you right now looked online for answers and discovered that it will take a few months for my period to get back on track and become normal again and sure enough a few months later my period was no longer barely there and irregular, it became normal again.

Since then I found a lighter work out regimen for women using just my body weight and no weights. I feel alot better now and am healthy again! 

In fact here is the exercise routine I did just this morning: 

I have been doing her different Pilates exercise routines for a few months now and I have noticed stronger toned body results without getting irregular period episodes.

Because her workouts tend to keep my hormones regulated compared to doing other ones. Just wanted to share that with you.

I can only do 5 minutes of Nichole's workouts and will work up to more as I progress as time goes on, but I also drink a bit of water and rest my heart rate at times.

I can do them at home every other day and I love that!

I only recommend her full body workouts if you are a beginner because her targeted body part workouts are a bit too concentrated in one area and may be too difficult to perform them, so I find her full body workouts to work best for me!

Exercise And Hair Loss: Hormonal Imbalance Causes

A woman can get a hormonal imbalance for a number of reason such as from:

One of the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance can cause hair loss for women. 

Exercise And Hair Loss Options To Recover Safely

Here are my top tips to avoid hair loss due to exercise:

A sweaty scalp may cause an itchy scalp which may lead to fungus and bacteria on the scalp later on as time persists and that can cause hair loss.

So its best to rinse your hair after a sweaty work out. If your hair is itchy please shampoo and condition your hair using a biotin natural shampoo & conditioner I like to use the one by avalon organics

Although it's best not to shampoo & conditioner your hair on an every day basis because doing so can cause dryness and split end breakage hair loss.

Washing hair 2 - 3 times a week is best!

I know, so many rules but that is why I am here to help you every step of the way. So don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter below so you never miss a healthy hair tip to help stop hair loss and to get the best hair growth possible for your hair.

Exercise and hair loss hair styles: When putting your hair out of your face for a workout try to do a loose braid or two loose braids that is what I always do for my workouts.

If your hair is too short for that you can use bobby pins to pin your hair away from your face.

If you use a head band make sure it is loose to avoid constricted scalp blood circulation. A tight headband can cause hair loss over time if used constantly this is called traction alopecia hair loss. 

Braiding your hair too tight or wearing any kind of hairstyle too tightly such as wearing a tight pony tail can also cause traction alopecia hair loss, so please avoid tight hairstyles that can pull the hair too tightly and cause hair loss.

Wearing a bandanna during a work out regimen might not be the best idea either because you do not want to trap your sweat as stated above that can cause itchy scalp and hair loss fungus issues. 

If you are exercising outside try to remember to use a UV ray hair protector basically it's essentially sunscreen for the hair. Doing so will help protect your hair from getting sun damaged and prevent split ends and breakage as well. 


Remember to eat the right diet with the proper proteins, nutrition and vitamins to get healthy hair growth by checking with your doctor first.

If you choose to practice in some unhealthy fad diets, that can cause much needed nutrition in your body and that can cause hair loss too.

So please make sure to eat the right proteins and omega fatty acids for healthy hair growth solutions. 

I hope these exercise and hair loss tips helped. If I helped just one woman it's worth it! Please leave a comment below on this exercise and hair loss page if I have, I would be happy to know if I did!

 Thanks, Margarite xo :)

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