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Frontal Hair Loss Female Hairline Help Tips

Frontal hair loss is not very common in women's female pattern hair loss. Usually women will get thinning of hair at the top or sides of scalp. 

In this case to have frontal hair loss you most likely could have a case of frontal fibrosing alopecia. 

Frontal fibrosing alopecia has officially been recognized by doctors since 1994.

Women and men can be diagnosed with this frontal hair loss issue but it is not contagious. 

What Is Frontal Hair Loss Fibrosing Alopecia?

Frontal fibrosing alopecia causes the front hair line to have scarring hair loss thinning. It is also a form of lichen planopilaris which causes inflammation on the hair follicles which in turn causes scarring hair loss. 

When any scarring happens to the skin it creates permanent hair loss and the hair can't regrow back. In this case the skin's scarring is underneath the skins surface area which makes the scarring unable to see on the scalp. 

Try to get as early a diagnosis as possible from a physician so that the inflammation can be address before any scarring happens. This way you can reverse your hair loss before it's too late.

Who Can Get Frontal Hair Loss Fibrosing Alopecia?

Usually women who are most likely to get frontal hair loss from frontal fibrosing alopecia are:

  • Women Going Through Menopause 

  • Women Going Through Post Menopause

  • Caucasian Women More Than Ethnic Women 

  • People With Autoimmune Disorders 
  • Lupus Suffers 

What Are The Symptoms Of Frontal Hair Loss Fibrosing Alopecia?

Symptoms may vary from person to person but some symptoms include:

  • Hair loss across the front and sides of the hair line including the top of the ears

  • The skin where the hair loss occurred may appear extra shiny, thin skinned and lighter in color than the rest of the scalp where there is less hair loss.

  • Scarring might be seen visually on the top of the skin but this is a rare symptom because as I said earlier in this article, scarring usually appears underneath the skin.

  • Hair line may have some light thin looking baby hair's scattered lightly throughout bald area in the front hair line.

  • Red skin with pus filled bumps called pustules can occur.

  • Eyebrow hair loss may also be in effect during this time.
  • Itchy red irritated sensitive skin.
  • Symptoms may come and go. There might be times when you think the hair loss has stopped for a while and then you may feel surprised when the hair loss returns again. 

What Causes Frontal Hair Loss Fibrosing Alopecia?

Doctors are a bit baffled as to what exactly is causing frontal hair loss but experts say that the underlying cause most likely is due to imbalanced hormone levels. Although more testing should be done as to why men get frontal hair loss fibrosing alopecia as well. 

Other theories as to what the causes are include too much inflammation on the scalp or immune system disorder issues.

Studies in 2016 via the British Journal show that frontal hair loss fibrosing alopecia patients had a common use of sunscreen more than the other group tested in the study. Other skin care beauty products with sunscreen in them could also be the common blame in the study not just plain sunscreen. Although other experts would disagree in blaming sunscreen altogether. 

There simply isn't enough research done to pin point the absolute cause of frontal hair loss.

Other theories of causes included:

  • The birth control device - Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)
  • The medication Tamoxifen
  • both of these theories cause a hormonal imbalance which is the most common underlying cause of female hair loss

Doctors may be able to diagnose frontal hair loss fibrosing alopecia if they perform a scalp biopsy this is when the doctor removes a part of the skin on top of the scalp in order to examine and test the skin thoroughly or by a simple visual examination.

It's best to get a diagnosis sooner than later to avoid scarring which will lead to a permanent hair loss situation and will not be reversible.

There is no cure for frontal fibrosing alopecia as of yet but you can treat the inflammation to restore hair growth before the scarring has yet occurred.   

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