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Is John Cena Bald,
What Happened?

Is John Cena BaldIs John Cena Bald, What Happened?


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Is John Cena Bald? 
First Who Is He?

John Cena is a huge WWE super star and was born on April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts USA.

He started out interested in bodybuilding and later joined The WWE in 1999 where he still currently appears today! 

John Cena is best known in his career as being a wrestler with the WWE but he has also been known for being an actor and rapper.

Here is a John Cena Rap Compilation: 

Is John Cena Bald?

John Cena's Bald Spot has been seen by fans during his WWE wrestling tournaments. 

Fans have then posted pictures of his bald spot online to show others the back of his head.

John Cena Bald

Of course no fan has the guts to say he is balding to his face. His fans just troll him online by putting him on blast in regards of his bald spot.

John Cena has gone on record saying in a interview: “I’m very self-conscious about my hair, it’s very thin and it’s run away from me at the top starting to develop a receding hairline, but I’m like, ‘It’s OK, it’s fine. I’ll do it, embrace the uncomfortable.' Then I showed up to wrestle with this haircut, and it’s like, I ruined everyone’s childhood! Man, I’ve been getting a lot of flak for it, it’s crazy! Everybody hates it.” - John Cena

Update: The interview has since been deleted. I can't find it anymore.

People are shocked probably because they don't realize he is a human with flaws like the rest of us. Except wait! Is John Cena's hair loss his own fault? Let's dig a little bit deeper as to why John Cena is balding...

Why Is John Cena Bald?
What Happened?
My Thoughts!

Why Is John Cena Bald? What Happened?

I have my own thoughts and theory as to what I think exactly happened!

I think his hair is thinning from prior drug use of taking steroids as well as possible old age.

Do steroids cause hair loss? Heck yes!

Does or Did John Cena Take steroids?

I think he does or did on and off during his entire career.

Sorry to his fans but I just tell it like I see it.

I tell my honest opinion in all of my celebrity hair loss articles based on my knowledge of hair loss as a professional hairstylist.

But what does John Cena say about it?

A reporter asked him point blank if he has taken steroids! Watch John Cena's response here in this video:

Although others believe he has...

Video Of John Cena's Possible Steroid Drug Use:

So, I do believe based on those photos that he has taken steroids or some type of body enhancers to see that kind of sudden muscle growth in his body.

Yet, there are times where I see his body does indeed appear natural which leads me to believe he was on steroids on and off during his entire career.

How Do Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Steroids alter your hormone levels by raising your testosterone levels inside of the body which then leads to higher levels of DHT.

DHT is a hormone derived from testosterone which causes hair loss.

Therefore DHT hair loss is caused when taking steroids.

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