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Brendan Fraser Hair Loss,
Is He Balding?
What Happened?

Brendan Fraser Hair Loss, What Happened?

Brendan Fraser Hair Loss, Is He Losing His Hair? First Of All, Who Is He?

I have not personally seen what is causing his hair loss if anything, it will be fun to give my professional theories on his hair loss issues based on what he shared in interviews!

First, who is he? The actor Brendan James Fraser was born on December 3, 1968.

I first saw him in Encino Man back in 1992 and have been a fan ever since! He has starred in major movie roles such as The Mummy Trilogy, School Ties, With Honors, Mrs. Winterbourne, Bedazzled, Looney Tunes Back In Action, George Of The Jungle, School Ties, Blast From The Past and many, many more!

There are too many movies to name them all here but he is a fantastic actor and it's so worth it to check out all of his acting roles!

Brendan Fraser Hair Loss: Is He Losing His Hair? 

Unfortunately Brendan's hair does seem to be thinning alot since his earlier movie roles.

I will give possible theories on why I think his hair has thinned based on what I have heard and seen in the interviews that he has done. 

Before & After of Brendan Fraser Hair Loss. But It's not over! I believe he can bring his hair back if you keep reading this article...

Possible Brendan Fraser Hair Loss Causes:

Health Issues From His Acting Roles: Brendan Fraser Hair Loss

Brendan has done his own stunts in his movie roles over the years including from The Mummy. The stunts from the mummy gave his body injuries. 

He needed surgeries to be performed for over at least 7 years on and off in order to repair some of the wear and tear on his body.

Including a laminectomy surgery, also known as decompression surgery. Laminectomy enlarges your spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

Brendan says “I needed a laminectomy and the lumbar didn't take, so they had to do it again a year later.”

My Brendan Fraser hair loss cause theory:

When the body gets surgery this can cause physical stress on the body which can cause the hair growth cycle to become interrupted. 

The hair growth cycle consists of the:

  1.  anagen phase - (The hair growth phase)
  2. catagen stage - (The transition phase, where the hair stops growing and begins to rests)
  3. telogen stage - (The resting phase and shedding phase)

After surgery the hair can enter the telogen stage too soon, and shed 3 months later!

Which can give a person hair loss months after a surgery. He has had multiple surgeries adding to possible multiple hair loss episodes after each surgery needed.

He needed a partial knee replacement. More back surgeries which required bolting compressed spinal pads together. He even needed to have his vocal cords repaired. 

Fraser estimates he was in and out of various hospitals for almost seven years.

The good news is that within 6 months to a year after your last surgery, your hair should grow back completely due to the hair growth stages regulating itself again.

Medication Hair Loss: Brendan Fraser Hair Loss

Usually after surgery the patient is given some types of various medication for various reasons. 

My Brendan Fraser hair loss cause theory:

I believe that perhaps if he was taking some kind of medications after each surgery regardless of which medications they were, any type of medication has side effects and likely can cause hair loss.

Medication hair loss can happen 3 to 4 months after taking medication drugs. During medication use the hair growth cycle can be disrupted in the same way as mentioned earlier from after surgery which is called Telogen effluvium.  

Telogen effluvium is a form of temporary hair loss which usually happens after a stressful even, an emotional shock, or a traumatic event.

Medication hair loss can happen to anybody.

The good news is the hair can be regrown again 6 months to a year after the medication is no longer being ingested inside of the body, once again due to the hair growth cycle going back to normal after it was disrupted from the meds.

Lack Of Healthy Nutrition: Brendan Fraser Hair Loss

Brendan has said in interview to Parade.com

"I needed a bigger butt on account of there was going be a lot of physical comedy (Furry Vengeance movie). I get thrown around a lot in the movie. But let's just face it, it's funny. Kids love it. Adults love it. They're like, 'Ha-ha, look! Brendan Fraser, the guy who was really buff in all those action movies, has gotten fat.' I don't know the number of pounds I gained because, in my real life, I don't step on scales. I don't believe them. I'm like, 'You're a liar."

"I still need to get closer to the StairMaster to lose that paunch, but I wouldn't let the dog try it. I'm doing pretty good, though. Once you get there, it's not easy getting back. Even though I did it for comedy, that's not an excuse for the fact that I love to jam pizza down my throat just as much as the next guy. I'm gonna be 42 in December, and I can't just stop living."

My Brendan Fraser hair loss cause theory:

Another cause of hair loss could be from lack of proper nutrition.

Eating the right foods can help provide hair growth due to the nutritious vitamins and can help tremendously to fight hair loss.

As well as eating the wrong foods can actually cause hair loss. His weight gain could be due to eating the wrong kind of carbs such as processed carbs. 

Eating it in moderation is best. 

Eating fish will help give you omega fatty acids which helps with hair growth! 

The good fats are best for hair growth such as nut butters, fish, avocados and olive oil.

The good carbs are whole wheat breads and whole wheat pastas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, fruits and vegetables.

The bad carbs are pizza, donuts, cupcakes, cakes, white bread and white pastas.

Sugar is also very bad and can cause hair loss.

Also plenty of protein helps with hair regrowth as well such as baked chicken and boiled eggs!

Can Wearing A Hat Cause Brendan Fraser Hair Loss?

I noticed Brendan does wear alot of hats lately during fan interactions whether that be at fan meet and greets, zoom calls with fans, or autograph signings.

My Brendan Fraser hair loss cause theory:

Did you know wearing a hat can actually cause hair loss as well as prolong it?

This happens when the hat is a bit snug and can cause the blood flow in the scalp to cause improper circulation to the roots of hair.

Proper blood circulation should bring the correct nutrients from eating the right foods and vitamins (such as vitamin D and biotin) to the roots of the hair to help bring hair growth.

What the hat does (especially when wearing a hat daily) can cause improper circulation even if you are eating the right foods that help with hair growth due to the nutrients not being able to properly go to the hair roots.

You see I understand that wearing a hat is an easy fix to cover up hair loss but as you can see it causes more harm than good.

Stress Due To Multiple Causes: Brendan Fraser Hair Loss

Stress can cause hair loss due to hormone levels being thrown off and causing hair loss in stressful situations. 

In Brendan's case he had many stressful situations in front of him that could cause his hair to fall out such as the passing of his mother whom he was very close to.

Another stressful situation for anybody is divorce and his divorce was very stressful due to his ex- wife receiving a court ordered $900,000 a year from Brendan. This was due to his successful high paying career as a top actor in Hollywood. Basically the judge saw how much he made and awarded her with a large sum of money per year.

The problem was during this time he was having health problems which caused him to retreat from film making and his stunt activities. Which caused him to not make as much money as he once did, so he could focus on his health first and foremost. 

He asked for the monthly amount to be lowered to his ex-wife but was denied. 

*Sexual Assault Trigger Warning*

Brendan Fraser on the cover of GQ magazine (2000)

Brendan was sadly sexually assaulted back in 2003. Which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, during a party set up by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association touched Fraser in a disturbing matter. Brendan said later in 2018 in GQ magazine:

"His left hand reaches around, grabs my ass cheek, and one of his fingers touches me in the taint. And he starts moving it around."

"I felt ill. I felt like a little kid, I felt like there was a ball in my throat. I thought I was going to cry."

Brendan says he was blacklisted from the golden globes Hollywood Foreign Press Association after that incident. 

*Sexual Assault Trigger Warning Ended*

All of these stressful incidents and more can cause prolonged stress which can lead to prolonged hair loss. 

Brendan Fraser Hair Loss
Growth Treatment Options
He Should Consider:

I love and pray for Brendan Fraser to get better soon in all aspects! Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

As far as treatment options go, I suggest eating healthy and only eat the wrong meals less often such as only once a week.

If he is on any medication from his doctor hopefully he can wen him off if possible to avoid side effects such as hair loss.

Stop wearing a hat all the time and if he must for publicity events I strongly suggest a loose fitting hat if possible not a tight one which will help.

As far as stress goes it's best to get rid of it by doing activities that are enjoyable for him. I do feel the fans are showing him so much love, which does help someone feel better and he does seem he is in good spirits lately which is great news for us fans!

Also exercise can help with hair growth. Exercise can help hair grow because it increases blood flow and circulation throughout the body to the scalp. An increase in blood flow means that more nutrients and oxygen are reaching the scalp. 

Exercise also helps a person minimize stress levels because working out helps gives your brain feel good hormone chemicals naturally called endorphins. And of course as I said earlier since stress causes hair loss exercise will help combat hair loss.

Of course Brendan may think he can't work out due to all that his body already went through physically throughout the years with surgeries and wild stunts on movie sets. 

Although I suggest he take up swimming for exercise because swimming is considered a low impact activity which places less stress on the body physically.

If he does all these tips at once he can and should start to see positive results with his health, fitness and hair growth simultaneously!

Final Thoughts: Brendan Fraser Hair Loss

I absolutely love Brendan as I'm sure we all do.

I Welcome his comeback officially called The Brenaissance by fans like me who adore him!

Here is the video Brendan is referring to below!:


In Brendan's latest interview with Adam Sandler Brendan's hair appears to look fuller and thicker.

At first I was happy that his hair is growing back BUT I wonder if they applied color powder on his scalp to hide his hair loss.

I see the top of his hair is still sparse with the shape of his round scalp very visible yet covered with colored powder or color spray to me that is what I see but you be the judge! Here is the interview:

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