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Why Is John Travolta Bald?

Why-Is-John-Travolta-Bald?Why Is John Travolta Bald?


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Why Is John Travolta Bald? 
First Who Is He?

John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey USA. 

John Travolta is an American actor who has starred in major TV shows and Movie roles such as:

  • Welcome Back Kotter
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Grease (with Olivia Newton-John)
  • to name a few and many many more!

Does John Travolta Wear A Hair Piece, Toupee Wig?
Why Is John Travolta Bald?

John Travolta is well-known for his hair being thick and voluminous in the majority of his career.

So people are concerned and wondering why they see Travolta's hair looking bald in some pictures and fuller in other pictures and interviews?

Below a fan was in the Gym at 3 am in the morning and saw John Travolta which sparked the out cry of fans wondering if John Travolta indeed does wear a Toupee' or hair piece when on set?


Picture Credit goes to Reddit user.

You can see the top comments here:

  • "Bonus karma for getting a pic of him without his wig. I'm actually surprised he let you take the pic without it on."
  • "Went on a cruise once and John Travolta was on the ship. Only caught a glance of him once or twice because they'd block off any area he wanted to use. The night before, you could see his plans for the day by using the ship's itinerary. Gym closed from 6-7, dining room closed from 7-8...."
  • "TIL John Travolta wears a wig... I had no idea."

What Caused John Travolta's Hair Loss?
Why Is John Travolta Bald?

Since the picture above was taken with a fan way back around 2015 and John's beloved wife Kelly Preston (who he has been married to since 1991) sadly passed in 2020.

I would imagine it wasn't from stress. If this picture was taken after 2020, I would then speculate possible stress hair loss which happens after a traumatic event when dealing with sadness or depression.

But because John Travolta was in fact in the Gym.

I can only come to the conclusion that he does take care of himself and is healthy.

He does not appear to take any steroids to cause steroid hair loss.

The only thing I can say from afar looking in, is John Travolta's hair loss is caused from DHT hair loss.

With him working out alot that can build his testosterone hormone levels way up and cause too much DHT on his scalp which is derived from testosterone levels and working out too much can also cause too much stress physically on the body and also cause hair loss.

Yes, He Wears A Hair Piece!
Why Is John Travolta Bald?

Due to the pic above with a Reddit user, it's indeed obvious that later in his career John Travolta did wear a hair piece while filming and for public events. 

According to the Reddit user, John Travolta first approached and introduced himself to the fan.

So that tells me that John Travolta must not be some primadonna hiding from fans if he isn't all put together!

So I give John credit for that!

When Did John Travolta Show His Bald Look To The World?
Why Is John Travolta Bald?

On January 6, 2019 John Travolta appeared on instagram with his beautiful daughter Ella and showed the world his new look!

John-Travolta-Bald-InstagramJohn Travolta With Daughter Showing His New Bald Sexy Style!

Seven months later he appears in Pitbull's new music video in August 2019 and shares more info regarding his new bald style and look!

Why Is John Travolta Bald?

According to John Travolta, his bald look was inspired based on his friend musician PitBull's suggestion to go bald with a shaved head for his new music video!

Travolta mention on The Good Morning America show that Pitbull had a great idea for John to be dancing in his music video bald doing the Tango!

John Travolta mentioned that people loved it so much they got over 3 million hits in 3 days. 

So the fans think he looks great and John Travolta kept the bald sexy look and embraced it!

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