Low Iron
Hair Loss Deficiency
Will It Grow Back?

Low iron hair loss: Remember that low iron and hair loss can very well be connected because of the fact that hair loss can be a sign of your body's overall health.

If you have been shedding more hair than you feel is normal maybe low iron is the cause, keep reading to find out how to avoid low iron hair loss. 

Medical Experts: Low Iron Hair Loss 

There are plenty of medical experts who support the fact that there is a direct connection between hair loss and having low iron intake.

They also believe that iron supplements can help reverse the problem if that is in fact your cause of hair loss in the first place. 

You have to remember that there are many different causes of female hair loss such as hormonal hair loss causes in women, pregnancy, or menopause. As well as scalp issues such as psoriasis that cause hair loss as well,  Click here for my full list of hair loss causes that I update regularly with more information as needed.  

So please know that just because you might be experiencing hair loss don't just come to the conclusion that it is due to low iron when there are many causes, as listed above. 

Yet it is something to consider if you are experiencing female women's hair loss.  

Low Iron Hair Loss Studies

Case study 1 ) In the year 2003 a study was done with women who had suffered greatly from many different forms of hair loss, such as from androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and telogen effluvium who were compared to another group of women who did not suffer from hair loss at all.

Results showed that the women who suffered with alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia had much lower iron levels than those who did not have hair loss at all. 

The iron levels of the women who had alopecia totalis and telogen effluvium did not have lower iron levels than those who didn't suffer from hair loss,

Case study 2 ) In the year 2007 5,110 women ages 35 to 60 participated in a study filled out a questionnaire answering questions regarding their hair loss as well as had their own iron levels tested.

The results came back that 59% of those 5,110 women did indeed have low iron levels. 

What Is Iron And How Is It Used In The Body?

We absorb iron in the food we eat.

Iron is a mineral that is needed for many important factors but it's most primary function is to make red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout our bodies.

If you feel weak and tired that may be a sign that your iron levels are too low and your body is not getting enough oxygen through the body. 

Of course if you have reason to be a little tired take that into account as well and not take that as low iron deficiency. 

It's best to get tested from a doctor.

Low Iron Decency Reasons

Here are a list of reasons why a person may be low in iron:

  • medications or even over the counter aspirin can stop your absorption of proper iron intake
  • drinking too much caffeine can stop iron absorption intake 
  • extreme dieting can cause your body to not eat enough iron in daily food meals
  • you may be deficient in vitamin C which is needed to properly absorb iron
  • you simply may not be eating enough iron rich foods in your daily diet

Low Iron Symptoms

  • pale light skin more than normal
  • feeling cold / chilly
  • very fatigue
  • feeling irritable
  • anxiety
  • restless legs syndrome
  • hair loss thinning
  • dry hair
  • brittle hair
  • weak hair
  • depressed

If any of these symptoms cause you to wonder if your iron intake is too low you can have your doctor test you to find out if your levels are indeed too low or not with a blood test. 

Once they find out if you are in fact low in iron they might prescribe an iron supplement for you to take in order to regulate your iron levels back to normal again. Best part is they can see how exact your iron levels are to give you an exact supplement amount that is personalized to your specific needs for a healthier you!

Too Much Iron Symptoms

  • missed periods
  • overly tired and fatigue
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • joint pain 
  • liver issues
  • hair loss
    The body can't get rid of iron from the body easily. Iron can build up if you take too much and cause problems such as liver and heart disease. 
  • remember that only a professional doctor can diagnose you properly with testing, high or low.

Naturally Good Food Sources Of Iron

If your doctor does not feel you need to take iron supplements and suggests for you to simply just eat a few iron rich foods in your diet naturally, here are some suggestions your doctor might give you....

Foods rich in iron:

  • almonds
  • beef
  • spinach
  • liver
  • beans
  • black strap molasses
  • walnuts
  • prunes
  • dark chocolate
  • raisins
  • apricots 
  • lentils

Other Tips to Increase Your Iron Levels To Avoid Low Iron Hair Loss 

  • Remember that vitamin C helps to absorb your iron intake. So try to take a vitamin C supplement with your meals. 

  • Using cast iron skillets for cooking! They are very helpful for iron intake. I personally use them to cook and re-heat foods daily. 

Correct Iron Level Hair Growth Results

When your iron levels go back to normal you can expect your hair to take up to a year to get back to normal again. 

This may take longer than a hair transplant but this is a natural way to get your hair back to normal and that takes time. 

  • Remember to only take iron supplements if your doctor recommends them and prescribes them to you because an iron overload can do more harm than good. 

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