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The #1 question I get is: What causes thin hair in women? 

Answer: The root cause of thin hair in women is due to...

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There are many offline ways to advertise your hair loss clinc, product or service. 

Businesses tend to buy ads or publicity placement into the major newspapers and magazines. It's expensive and it misses the reality of how people plan their hair services now days...

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When it comes to reaching women with hair loss who are seeking for help right now they are not going to run to the store to pick up and buy a magazine.

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Newspapers and magazines are read by a semi-targeted audience who might need help with hair loss.

A PR piece may give a short-term boost. After that? Here today, wrapping fish tomorrow.

Your off-line advertisement will reach people at a time when they are not looking for help and catch them at the wrong time.

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  • 70% of our users are from the USA
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  • Our #1 Source of Traffic is from organic search on Google!


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Hi, my name is Margarite, I am the owner and creator of Hair Care is my passion and I am sure it shows through!

My fans who follow me trust my honest opinion and rely on this site to help keep them updated with the latest hair loss news!

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist with the state of California USA since 2003 and run this website since 2017 along with my social media accounts the oldest one being my youtube account since 2010 which has gained millions of views!!

Please contact me for more info on how to become a sponsor for this site and what I will provide for you in return! Thank you! Have a Blessed day!

Margarite 💖 Owner of, and licensed Cosmetologist!

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Hello beautiful! I'm Margarite, the creator and owner of this site. I'm also a licensed Cosmetologist. I am writing this site for you with knowledge and love!

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