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Tyra Banks Hair Loss,
What Happened ?

Tyra Banks Hair Loss, What Happened?

Tyra Banks hair has always went through changes as a beautiful young model growing up in front of the camera lens.

She has mentioned that throughout her career hairstylists have always given her hair pieces such as hair extensions to wear in her photo shoot sessions. 

As you may or may not know hair extensions can cause traction alopecia hair loss. 

Tyra says the hair extensions were not the cause for her female hair loss although I am sure they did not help her situation either. 

Hair extensions over time continue to pull the hair in the same areas of the scalp over and over again due to the braiding application of the hair before adding the extensions which can cause hair loss overtime. 

Other hair extension applications can also cause hair loss such as when you use sticky adhesives like glue or tape. Doing so can pull the hair right out of the head immediately.

Other causes of female Pattern hair loss include vitamin deficiency, menopause, post pregnancy hair loss, psoriasis hair thinning, specific medications that cause hair loss and alopecia. 

These are just a few of the top female hair loss causes that over 40% of women go through.

The Reason For Tyra Banks Hair Loss To Her Natural Hair

According to Tyra she says " I got a little alopecia from stress."

Her schedule was at the time, extremely busy. This was due to her large work load of ongoing projects.

At the time of Tyra Banks alopecia hair loss she was filming the show called America's Next Top Model while writing her book Modelland (which took a total of 5 years to write), as well as managing her own production company Bankable Productions.

Hair loss due to stress is a very common cause of hair loss. 

Tyra says "Honestly chilling for me was eating a meal."

Perhaps her eating schedule was very hectic too. It's very important to eat properly in order to keep the right nutrition in your body.

It's true what they say, you are what you eat because hair loss due to improper nutrition is another female hair loss cause. 

When you eat healthy food, it shows. Skipping meals is terrible for your blood sugar and can effect the rest of your body in a way that is very unhealthy and dangerous.

Anorexia hair loss is also a possibility of female hair loss too if you don't stop, just ask the ex Victoria secret model Bridget Malcolm.

The Science Behind Tyra Banks Hair Loss Cause

Hair loss from stress can happen 2 to 3 months after the stress has ended. Emotional stress can cause hormonal changes in the body and cause a disruption in your hair growth cycle.

Parts of the hair growth cycle include the anagen phase and the telegen phase.

The telegen phase is when the hair is resting. 

The anagen phase is when the hair is growing.

When the hair growth cycle is disrupted from stress 60% of your hair can remain in the anagen growth phase. While 40% of your hair can be in the telegen resting phase.

That is the main science behind why hair can have fall out during and shortly after a stressful time in your life.

You might also notice more hair fall out during brushing & washing your hair as this is normal fall out. 

Normally between 80% to 90% of your hair is growing in the anagen phase, while normally 10% to 20% of hair is in the telegen phase. This is why you shouldn't see hair loss if there is no stress. 

So if you are seeing hair loss during a non stressful time in your life, stress is most likely not the cause. 

Treatments For Tyra Banks Hair Loss

Treatments that Tyra Banks can do as well as others that are in the same situation that she was in include but is not limited to:

  • much needed rest
  • relaxation
  • eating right according to their nutritional needs
  • being gentle to their hair 
  • getting scalp massages to promote healthy blood flow to the scalp to help increase hair growth 

Scalp Massage will also help in the relaxation process. 

Growing back the hair might take up to 9 months to a year due to the fact that the hair growth cycle has to become normalized again after it was disrupted. 

So with a little patience, relaxation and eating correctly your hair will be back to a healthier state once again. 

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