DIY Turban Head Wrap
To Cover Hair Loss
Using Leggings!

DIY Turban Head Wrap To Cover Hair Loss Using Leggings!

Learn how to make a DIY turban head wrap to cover hair loss using just your pair of leggings!

I have a fun DIY for you today. 

Things needed: your favorite pair of leggings and that's it!

How to and step by step: see pictures and instructions below!

You can use any leggings that you have at home or want to purchase from the store. 

I am using some I purchased at the store for this head wrap tutorial that have stripes of blue on them.

These are cropped leggings but I recommend using ones that are not cropped and have longer legs on them. Doing so will make it easier to wrap around your head unless you have a small head then these would fit perfectly!

The Leggings That  I Used For This DIY Turban Head Wrap

Step 1: DIY Turban Head Wrap

You place the leggings over your head like this. If they are too loose around your scalp simply use a safety pin to size in place to fit the size of your head if leggings are too big.

I did just that and placed the safety pin on the inside of the leggings so no one can see the safety pin on the outside of the head wrap.

Step 2: DIY Turban Head Wrap

There are many styles you can play around with. In this tutorial I am showing you my favorite style for this DIY!

Place both the legs on one side of your head and twist the legs together.

Step 3: DIY Turban Head Wrap

Then place the twisted legs area across the front of your head for a cool fashion design.

Step 4: DIY Turban Head Wrap

Then tuck the ends under the other side and done!

Finished Look For This DIY Turban Head Wrap

This is the finished look. My sister made me the necklace you see here that matches the color of the DIY head wrap.

Getting a matching piece of jewelry can help bring the finished look altogether.  

The possibilities are endless with the looks and designs that you can do!

I would love to have used a floral pattern of leggings as well but couldn't find one anywhere at my local Walmart and didn't have one on hand. 

I recommend if you do purchase leggings for this DIY project, to get your correct size that you would normally wear as actual leggings.

Doing so can help you to save money if you use them for multiple purposes since no cutting or glue is needed.

Have fun playing around with some really cute styles and looks. I will continue to post some more DIY's for you as I discover them! 

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