Estrogen And Hair Loss
Tips For Women

There is a definite connection between estrogen and hair loss, but what exactly are the specific factors that determine how much estrogen levels effect your hair growth? Let's find out, shall we.

It is usually known that your hair is often one of the first areas of the body noticeably effected when your hormone levels are unbalanced. 

Let's dig deeper onto why an estrogen hormonal imbalance can effect and cause your female hair loss.

What is Estrogen? 

The Estrogen hormones are a number of female sexual hormones that are made in a women's ovaries. Estrogen hormones are the main sole reason for physical female characteristics.

Ironically men do have some estrogen hormones and women do have some testosterone hormones. The larger quantity of hormones in each sex over take the lesser hormones found in each sex and essentially blocks out the effects of the opposite lesser sex hormones.

Estrogen hormones in women have many uses such as to help regulate our monthly menstrual cycles, regulate our height, reduce body hair, reduce muscle size, prevent depression and promote hair growth to name a few ways that estrogen hormones effect women and girls.  

Estrogen levels are very special to what make a women being a women, due to our physical, emotional, well-being and characteristics caused by estrogen levels in the female body.

Are Estrogen and Hair Loss Connected?

Estrogen hormonal levels can slow down your hair growth during the anagen phase in the hair growth cycle. Which means that your hair can be in the growing hair phase at any given time. This is why women can have more hair on our heads than men do.

So since estrogen levels can block and over shadow the women's testosterone hormonal levels as mentioned earlier, estrogen hormones can indeed help prevent hair loss in women. So it's a known fact that estrogen can stop hair loss and stimulate women's hair regrowth, if balanced.

Low Hormone Levels Of Estrogen and Hair Loss

How does low levels of estrogen effect female hair loss?

Well, pregnancy is known to encourage heavy hair regrowth due to the higher estrogen levels in the female body at that time. Although on the other end of the spectrum lower estrogen hormone levels will have the opposite effect on your hair growth and can cause women's female hair loss.

Hair loss in women due to lower estrogen levels are the most common when women are going through menopause. Yet lower estrogen levels can happen to women of all ages. 

If estrogen levels are lower in a women, her testosterone hormones will cause the hair growth phase to shorten, causing hair loss to happen due to the lower estrogen levels.

Female pattern hair loss can be extremely subtle, yet can be completely noticeable over some time. So it's best to treat the issue as soon as it is noticeable to you.

The female pattern hair loss can start at the top of the head and widen causing noticeable hair loss in women. You can see our female hair loss chart here as a reference. 

The Effects Of High Levels
Of Estrogen And Hair Loss

Higher Estrogen levels can be too excessive and women with higher amounts of estrogen hormonal levels in relation to progesterone as a result of perimenopause hormone fluctuations or if they are obese.

A women's body will naturally distribute estrogen levels and use it before high estrogen levels can actually occur. So when females make too much estrogen while having too little progesterone, without breaking down the hormone estrogen hormone first, the hormone imbalance can lead to problematic issues such as depression, feeling tried and female hair loss.

Estrogen And Hair Loss Treatment

Fortunately there are many ways to stop hair loss due to estrogen imbalance. First see a doctor to check your estrogen levels to see if this may be your hair loss cause in the first place.

If you and your doctor come to the conclusion that you could be losing your hair due to this hormonal imbalance make sure to find out if your estrogen levels are either too high or too low in order to know exactly which way to tackle this hormonal imbalance issue. 

If your estrogen levels are too high it's always a good idea to have a healthy gut by avoiding the bad carbohydrates also known as empty carbs such as white bread, white rice and pastries such as doughnuts.

It's also best to avoid eating any meat that has been treated with hormones.

On the other hand If you find out you have have low levels of estrogen hormones through your doctor's testing, the best female hair loss solutions include getting rid of your stress levels, getting a healthier nutritious eating  lifestyle, and getting a light to moderate exercise routine depending on your current level of exercise (please see an experienced work out coach).

Whether you have high or low female estrogen levels, it is best to deal with the problem as soon as humanly possible because of the fact that hair loss follicles can get scarred and may not be reversible if you wait to long.

On the other hand if you deal with your female hair loss issue right away you can have hair regrowth sooner without further worry of getting more hair loss and get the beautiful hair that you want. 

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