My Beauty And Hair Secrets
To Get Beautiful Long Healthy Results Fast!

These are my top three beauty and hair secrets.

I Walk After Lunch Or Dinner : My Beauty And Hair Secrets

This picture was taken in La Quinta California called Bear Creek Trail. This is a great little trail if you are near by.

I take a walk after my lunch or dinner, depending on the weather.

 Walking also helps to

  • strengthen muscles
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve mood due to your body producing natural hormone endorphins creating a dose of happiness to your brain. 
  • Helps to lose weight because a brisk 30-minute walk burns 200 calories at a time.
  • Improves health such as lowers blood pressure.
  • Improves breathing 
  • Improves memory, studies show women walking 2.5 miles a day had a 17 % decline in memory, as opposed to a 25 % decline in women who walked less than a half of a mile a week.
  • Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s 
  • Helps you to live longer
  • Walking helps to improve your blood circulation which in turn helps to improve healthy hair growth and healthier skin

I Skip Soda And Drink Water: My Beauty And Hair Secrets

I stay away from soda, I never even consider drinking soda due to the high sugar content and because it causes weight gain.

I drink ice water with a wedge of lemon.

Also did you know drinking ice water helps you burn about 70 calories due to your body warming it up to body temperature level.     

Benefits of water include:

  • Weight loss
  • Boosted energy
  • Hydration helps to reduce stress
  • Lubricate joints helping to reduce cramps and joint pain 
  • Anti aging properties due to skin hydration when drinking water 
  • Regulate Digestion
  • Gets rid of impurities 
  • Helps boost immune system
  • Drinking Water helps to improve hair growth just like a plant needs water
  • Water helps hair stay more hydrated reducing split ends from the inside out which in turn improves the health and growth of your hair

I Juice With Great Super Foods! : My Beauty And Hair Secrets

Did you know there’s a new green juice drink more powerful than ANY multivitamin?

According to the latest scientific research about nutrition and health everyone who takes multivitamins can get better results by taking this green juice instead.

This green juice has anti aging properties that I love.

What is this miracle green juice?

It’s called super greens.

It's been known to:

  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Improve digestion
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Help get rid of toxins from your liver
  • Boosts energy
  • Improve mood
  • lowers cholesterol 

 I drink a glass of this juice every day I love it!

Beauty Benefits Include:

  • This green juice is anti-aging due to it's many antioxidant properties that helps keep to keep skin tight and young. Yay, You don't have to pay for botox!

Hair Benefits Include:

  • Helps to increase oxygen which in turn helps to stimulate faster hair growth and strengthen nails. Hair will become thicker and more lustrous and rejuvenate hair regrowth.

How I Juice 

I don't actually because all of the ingredients that I need are hard to find. I just buy my green juice online. It is so easy to make, I mix the super food green powder with water in a glass each time I use it and I'm done. I can travel with it during the holidays and vacation with it too.

Plus I didn't have to buy an expensive juicer either! I hope you enjoy my hair secrets, this page was fun to do. I love these tips, they are so simple but really work well for me. I Hope these hair care secrets help you too!

Click Here To Buy The Green Juice.

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