Cheapest Place To Buy Rogaine On A Budget 

If you want to buy Rogaine because of  hair loss due to stress, menopause, hair loss after pregnancy, taking certain medications, or other female hair loss causes then keep reading because I share the cheapest places and ways to save on this iconic top selling hair loss product Rogaine. 

Here is my list of cheapest places to get rogaine online or in person, in no particular order.   


You can buy Rogaine at CVS online or in store. In store may be difficult to find as I know my CVS store always seems to have Rogaine products out of stock most of the time. If you purchaase online I have a special Rogaine coupon code here for you to buy online. If you purchase in store make sure to sign up for their rewards card through their CVS rewards program. You can get awesome coupons every month. I usually get 25% percent off to 30% percent off in coupons which save me a ton of money.


Amazon sells an array of Rogaine products on their website a plus is you can read real reviews of people's experiences with the number of Rogaine products sold on their website. You can read the Rogaine comment reviews here. By reading the comment reviews you can better understand and see their results before buying a particular Rogaine product to see which product is right for you. Best part is if you spend over $25.00 you get free shipping.


Target sells Rogaine, although like any retail store it might be best to call your local Target first before flying down there to see if they have any in stock or not. They seem to sell out fast which is both good and bad at the same time due to the fact that they could run out of your favorite Rogaine product before getting your hands on it. To get a savings you can join their cartwheel program that offers 5% percent to 50% percent off items when shopping there. 


Walmart is another great place to buy Rogaine because they always offer the cheapest prices possible without using any coupons, out of any retail store I have seen. Check to see if your Rogaine product in in stock. I also recommend to go in person so you don't have to pay shipping like you would online. Also F.Y.I. Walmart has a price match policy where they will match another competitor store's price if the product is cheaper somewhere else. 


Walgreens is yet another place to purchase Rogaine.

Make sure you sign up for their card to get their rewards. A tip is to make sure to give the Walgreens cashier your card during checkout because they hardly ever ask to see your walgreens card (which they are supposed to) and 2 you will not get your transaction reward points if you don't give them your card during every transaction. For every 1,000 points earned you get $1.00 to be used but sadly they expire after 6 months of time.

The Cheapest Place To Buy Rogaine?

So where is the absolute cheapest place to buy Rogaine?

In my opinion if you are trying out Rogaine for the very first time, it depends on where you do your shopping the most at. I know people who always go to Walgreens so they will get the most rewards there, while I always go to CVS and get the most rewards there. So in my opinion it's best to sign up for a rewards card for the place where you do the most shopping at, in order to get the most rewards to buy Rogaine. If you are not the type to sign up for rewards or keep track of coupons because it's just too much trouble, I would say Walmart is the cheapest place to purchase Rogaine. Walmart will automatically have the best deal for rogaine products without using any coupons whatsoever, in my opinion. 

Rogaine Rebate

Wherever you choose to buy your Rogaine products at, make sure to save your receipt in order to get your Rogaine rebate check here. 

Also if you love Rogaine and use it often or would like to start using it regularly, I 100% recommend to go straight to the source and join Rogaine's Rewards program more about that below.

Rogaine Coupon And Rewards

To get the most bang for your buck  join the Rogaine Rewards program here. 

Benefits of joining the program include

  1. getting two free gifts
  2. free shipping
  3. getting 50% percent off 
  4. money back guarentee
  5. $10.00 to $20.00 rebate check
  6. earning points to pick from their catalog which include prizes such as gift cards to starbucks, Target, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, the Spa, Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, movie tickets and more. See Rogaine's Entire points prize catalog here. 

In Conclusion The Cheapest Place to Buy Rogaine

The Rogaine's rewards program seems like the best option out of anywhere else to buy rogaine. You don't have to worry about them being out of stock all the time which is a pain that usually happens at retail stores.

With the Rogaine rewards program you can redeem rewards to go to fun places as your hair is growing out, such as nice restaurants and coffee shops for free. What a fun way to grow your hair back while getting fun prizes and discounts too. 

On the other hand if you are not close to the gift card store prizes that Rogaine has to offer then maybe their rewards program isn't right for you. 

Choose the place above where you will ultimately get the most bang for your buck and join their rewards program, it really will start to pay off with fun and exciting deals and or prizes. 

Don't feel obligated to join every single rewards program that I mention, everybody wants your business, so simply choose the right rewards program that makes sense to you. Consider your lifestyle in the products of the retail store that interest you and your household the most.

Also a fun money saving tip is you can always use the Rogaine rewards prizes as gifts to family and friends at the end of the year during the holidays at Christmas time or for birthdays saving you money that way too is a plus.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this article and if you did please share this page below Thanks! - Margarite

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